This is the best way forward for BoonEx :) . I have used oDesk 3 times and the quality of service and work was brilliant. I only use Dolphin SOFTWARE as i cannot afford to hire a programmer and pay him £100 000,

I have been RIPPED off by so called Boonex programmers on here 3 times by buying mods that don't work/break my site or have had their link removed, for on average 20 times more than the cost of a programmer on oDesk .

Why would us DOLPHIN users not want oDesk ???? Be honest, we can see more get mods written/made for a fraction of the cost of what some of you are already charging. Also i have seen a lot of posts about Boonex being a scam (selling own mods) you will know which site i am referring to so that would put a partial end to that. Look at wordpress for instance you can buy mods for that everywhere (not in a little crummy marketplace that has no future)
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