The only people i can see that are moaning :-

quote from houstonlively
"I can't think of a single reason why any of the top developers on would want to set up on odesk. Most of them are in high demand because everyone knows who they are. They would have nothing to gain by setting up in an environment where their perceived value is 8 bucks an hour. Besides, who wants to work under a microscope? Odesk is not exactly an environment designed to spawn creativity."

They would see more not get any jobs on there from people like me, get in the real world (not all of us have money).

This opens up a new can of worms for mods to be written cheaply and expand the boonex community. Secondly its clear that all you can think about is MONEY MONEY MONEY. I have not READ 1 comment about what it will do for the ACTUAL software and for the future of BOONEX.

quote from anyakates (who keeps sending me emails to buy her mods)

I agree with houstonlively again..
No-one wants to go down in price and demand.

WHAT, look you have made your mods, this step will make it easier and cheaper for us Dolphin users to buy mods and expand for little money, what is the reason that 60% of people use DOLPHIN software ????? BECAUSE ITS FREE were all cheapskates that expect everything for nothing.
Ok, so I just searched my history and came to know that there was only one time in my life that I emailed you in September 2010, and that was because I was surfing the online members..and found you holding something like fish.
And thats when I replied back as to what are you doing there. Also, I had just submitted the module few minutes ago, so just thought that you'd like to see something that is just updated..

And I'd have given you a copy free (as I have done to around more than a few dozens see more of people who are connected to me on a daily basis.)
nevertheless, the module is for $9 only..nothing big. If I were at your place, I'd have atleast replied back out of courtesy, than holding back my reply for the sake of "probably" being "asked" to shell out $9 (which I was never going to do it anyway)

And if you are wanting "everything" for "nothing", even odesk would not be able to help you, friend :)
RE: "They would not get any jobs on there from people like me, get in the real world (not all of us have money). "

In the real world of developing websites that stand out, it costs money.... lots of money. That site called Facebook that everyone want to be like, started off with half a million dollars in venture capital. People complaining about spending a few hundred bucks is laughable.

Yes, I understand that not everyone "has money". That's too bad. I have found that see more money is quite useful when developing websites. I really don't care who uses odesk. I actually hope everyone here flocks to odesk. Maybe then it'll be easier for me to hire some of the top Dolphin developers around here.
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