The promo area will have to be removed to satisfy your statements about content Andrew. That area is huge, and it doesn't work without a fix anyway.

Not sure how I feel about some of the other things you've mentioned.

I *can* tell you this - perfecting the profile customizations and even adding some other profile customization features would be a huge benefit to Dolphin. Simplifying it poses a problem though.

The TinyMCE comment box changing between editors really needs to be addressed. see more People don't like it when they see two different UI's that pop up randomly & remove various abilities at times.

Users love customization stuff and Facebook seriously lacks in this area. I think Boonex is on the right track with this. It just needs more attention. You should consider our end users as also being your end users.

Also, making the blog functions better would be another huge benefit.

Just my two cents.

Has dev now moved on to 7.1 instead of sub versions? Just wondering since I haven't noticed any real movement lately.
Nathan Paton
I hope you're not referring to things like the profile customizer. In my opinion, it's an abomination, and was one of the reasons I kept away from those kind of sites (nothing annoys me more than a page littered with animated glitter and horrible color schemes).

I think sites like Facebook have the right idea with consistency in their design.
see moreI hate profile customization with a passion. If you want a website like Myspace, that is infested with pre-teenagers that like to tinker around with things, this might be a useful feature. For sites built with grownups in mind, profile customization is not even a factor. Myspace is the textbook example of how horrible profile skinning is, in the hands of aesthetically challenged pre-teenagers. You end up with a bunch of gawdy pages, with 500kb tiled images that take 10 minutes to load. No thanks.
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