Dolphin 7.1 (Sundance) Public Debate. Part 1.

Andrew Boon posted 18th of April 2011 in News. 126 comments.

As I noted earlier we are hard at work on Dolphin 7.1 and for the most part we are certain about the list of improvements. And still, there're things we're hesitant about. To do those things right, we'll be running a small set of "Public Debate" posts to ponder in cahoots with the Unity brethren.


Now, there's the famous Henry Ford's quote that also often attributed as one of the Steve Jobs' mantra and the key to Apple's recent success. The quote goes: "If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have said 'a faster horse'". Luckily, Unity members are not "customers" in this context. I guess we're just lucky to have customers that are still on our side of the fence when it comes to R&D - the end-customers are site members, and we build the software to suit them. So, I guess it is safe for us to ask you, but just don't ask your customers, mkay? Sure a "faster Dolphin" would be nice, but it's time to talk innovation.


We invite you to put on your thinking caps and brainstorm on the ideas and questions we'll be throwing you in the coming few weeks. Your voice will affect the final product. We'll be developing "as we speak".


Today's topic...


Homepage Feed

...or maybe not even a feed. We have a few options and any of them may have a number of different names. Anyway, there's an immediate need for a better approach in representing the site's activity and content to a new user to grab their attention and deliver the idea of the site's meaning.

Some of the most popular existing ways to do it:



- Splash Screen

Perhaps the most popular and, if done right, the most flexible way to engage a newcomer. Basically, it's just a billboard that you can use in any way you want to tell the story. It's universal, flexible and effective. It's here to stay. Facebook, Apple, PayPal and many other use those exclusively.


Pros: flexible; easy to manage; spam-proof; lightweight.

Cons: requires high-quality design and copywriting; not engaging for repeat visitors (unless you change them regularly, like Apple does); suits established brands better; doesn't represent site's activity and hence requires some existing knowledge about the site to be effective.


So, it is good, but obviously not enough for a startup site or most social sites. It's just the icing. We need the pudding.



- Activity Feed

One of the wonders brought by dynamic web development is the ability to display what is happening on the site - who's online; what was just added; who's chatting; what was commented, etc. This can be highly engaging, provided that content is of interest for a newcomer. Twitter is doing it nicely - top tweets, trending topics, online members... they are what they call "the pulse of the web" after all. Foursquare also has a nice activity feed that tells the story in a matter of seconds, much better than any marketing-blurb-description.


Pros: highly engaging; tells the story; interactive; instantly satisfies people's desire to be in the "limelight".

Cons: prone to spam; may be discouraging when there's not enough activity - bad for young sites; resource-intensive; may require selective approach when activity is high; may look bland if content samples are not included.


Activity feeds form a big part of Web 2.0 experience. They are surely "a must" for a social site software, but there're 1001+ ways to make them and if this is going to be a centerpiece of Dolphin's homepage - we need to figure out the best method there is.



- Cherry Picks

A little bit if this, a little bit of that. Some "featured videos", some "latest members", some "blog posts" and "site news" to ice. YouTube, Amazon, eBay, my[     ] (whatever that means), and yeah - Dolphin do this for ages and for a good reason - cherry picking is a highly controllable way to represent the site's cotent. It's nice and all, but doesn't it belong to the times when Yahoo was relevant?


Pros: flexible; engaging; easy to control.

Cons: requires moderation; may not reflect topics/trends changes; highly resource-intensive as it requires more content to be displayed to cover all content types; often creates over-complex layouts.


Cherry-picking is inevitable - it is the only way you build software anyway, because everyone wants something different. The whole premise of Dolphin page builders is based on the idea of cherry-picking. What we need, though, is to create some sort of laconic all-inclusive module that would minimise the need for pulling dozens of blocks to the homepage and still do the job.



Today's Heroes

If your site is heavy on voting, liking, thumbs-upping and recommending, arguably the best way to build your homepage is to display the "top" content based on the community choice. Social bookmarking sites like Digg do this with some success. It may also work nicely with contest-oriented media sharing sites.


Pros: self-moderated; enagging; easy to control.

Cons: irrelevant for many types of social sites; limiting to specific cotent types.


As a part of cherry-picking concept they are fine. As an exclusive way to build a homepage - only for Hot-or-Not kind of sites.



- Template-Contaminited

You know our stance on social networking templates already. Now, I'm not saying that templates are bad - they are fine, but they should not overpower the content. Unfortunately, many webmasters still believe that design is the cornerstone of a site's homepage attraction. Well, it's not! And I am not expressing an opinion here, I am stating a fact. Just browse the Alexa Top Sites list and carve this simple gospel deep into your brain - design must give way to content. Good template is the one that gets out of the way and only underlines the feel of your site, the feel that is driven by content.


Pros: short-lived appeasement of designer ambitions.

Cons: technical complications; clutter; disorientation and many more.


Again, there are bad templates and there are good templates. Good ones are those that set the stage, but don't take it.



Other tricks.

And now, there're dozens of other methods: ascetic "form-only" (Google, Tumblr, Quora, Friendster); localized (Groupon, Yelp); adult (a world in itself - "I am 18+" page first, then any of the above, but with its own... flavour); exclusive (invitation-only sites, limited-betas); directories (Graigslist, WebmasterWorld) and many others.



Sundance needs...

some kind of a neat universal module that would engage users, parade content, preserve server-resources, take it easy on homepage real estate, stay relevant over time, work for broad range of social sites and enable unflappable sleep for both webmasters and moderators.


Achievable? A reasonable man would say - hardly. This, however, makes me think of what Ed Bloom said in the Big Fish movie - "There comes a point when any reasonable man will swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake. The truth is... I was never a reasonable man." We are here to innovate, to wow people and to be ahead of the game. We need to think well beyond reasonable. And by "we" I mean you, too. We are one team. BoonEx builds software for you to create community sites. We want you to be able to build the best community sites. Now let's think about how we're going to do that.


Share your ideas in comments, or if you have sketches or specific outlines that we all should discuss together - create forum topics and post links in the comments. I am leaning towards a Foursquare-like feed with small content samples and filtering. What's your take?

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Most people here would be happy, if all you guys did, was make all the core features work as they should.
Oh... and a real mobile app would be nice.
Andrew Boon
So much for good intention, huh? I am talking about core features. Dolphin 7.1 is all about making core features work as they should. Not "just work", but work as they should. I believe there's a need to re-assess the way Dolphin homepage is normally assembled. This is a starting point for social interaction experience - the tone that you set for further actions. We are rebuilding some core modules, changing uploaders, fields builders and module-interdependencies... to do it right we need see more to have a clear picture of how it should all work on the user-end.

As for mobile apps - we have two, real ones. Next stage is to allow expandability with 3rd party modules. Or is it something else that you're referring to?
Supporting your own modules first, might be a better idea. Things I can't do on my site with an iPhone:

Browse and post in forums
chat (Text only)
browse and post in blogs
post comments
receive notifications
browse or interract with groups
view ads
upload videos
browse events

I am, of course, all for supporting third party extensions.... especially IBDW's SpyWall.
I agree with Houstonlively; let's first ensure our VW Beetle is working efficiently and effectively before we cover it with a Porsche Skin and try to pretend it is a Porsche.
The promo area will have to be removed to satisfy your statements about content Andrew. That area is huge, and it doesn't work without a fix anyway.

Not sure how I feel about some of the other things you've mentioned.

I *can* tell you this - perfecting the profile customizations and even adding some other profile customization features would be a huge benefit to Dolphin. Simplifying it poses a problem though.

The TinyMCE comment box changing between editors really needs to be addressed. see more People don't like it when they see two different UI's that pop up randomly & remove various abilities at times.

Users love customization stuff and Facebook seriously lacks in this area. I think Boonex is on the right track with this. It just needs more attention. You should consider our end users as also being your end users.

Also, making the blog functions better would be another huge benefit.

Just my two cents.

Has dev now moved on to 7.1 instead of sub versions? Just wondering since I haven't noticed any real movement lately.
Nathan Paton
I hope you're not referring to things like the profile customizer. In my opinion, it's an abomination, and was one of the reasons I kept away from those kind of sites (nothing annoys me more than a page littered with animated glitter and horrible color schemes).

I think sites like Facebook have the right idea with consistency in their design.
see moreI hate profile customization with a passion. If you want a website like Myspace, that is infested with pre-teenagers that like to tinker around with things, this might be a useful feature. For sites built with grownups in mind, profile customization is not even a factor. Myspace is the textbook example of how horrible profile skinning is, in the hands of aesthetically challenged pre-teenagers. You end up with a bunch of gawdy pages, with 500kb tiled images that take 10 minutes to load. No thanks.
@Magnussoft - I absolutely am talking about that.

If you are building a site based only on what *you* want, you could find yourself alone with your perfect version of a site.

Glitter graphics and horrible color schemes don't do anything for me either, but it isn't about me - or you. It's about the end user & they love that crap. Look at all of the MySpace customizer sites that were so popular until MySpace killed most of it. I'm not saying to go the route that MySpace originally took - see more but with a bit of imagination, a site could allow a lot of that with far fewer security implications. I think Boonex is on the right track in that respect - but it needs to be fine tuned & added to.

I really don't care for facebook because I can't really make it my own. My page should be like my home on the web. I should be able to paint it & modify it as I see fit. If we used your logic for home building (as an example) all houses would look only as *you* want them to. That might make you happy, but not the people living in them.

We can agree to disagree, but I'm spot on with this & it's based in past experience with this very subject. It's also a possible money maker since a site owner can create their own profile customizations and sell them - or give them to specific member levels.

People with mohawks, or those who wear their pants down on their hips bug the hell out me. Someone is making big money from the colored hairspray and oddly sewn pants though. The real money is in allowing people to do what they want - not denying them that priveledge due to personal presumptions of the website owner as to what they should want. Facebook has a lot of problems with this. Look at the complaints.
Nathan Paton
I believe that when you give people the ability to control the look of the site, the result is almost always a horrible one, and does nothing to help the quality of your site. I should also mention that Myspace had long lost to Facebook when they began overhauling their site to where it is now.

I don't believe profile customization is a feature people would use as a deciding factor (or much of a plus) for when joining a site (or maybe they would, because it kept me away from a few when they were see more the popular thing to do in the previous decade). I haven't heard many people complaining about the lack of customization options on Facebook and other sites. I don't think people really care, as it's not the primary reason for joining such sites.

I agree with the agreement of disagreement (and another twenty circles or so of this). If you want to allow such features on your site, it's your choice, and you should ultimately be basing your decisions on what your members want (to an extent, of course). You can cater to the kids with mohawks and pants which hang against their waist line.

I'll focus on a consistent design and the overall experience which keeps people coming back.

Facebook or not facebook, are you seriously think that if you will clone design, functionality of facebook - peoples will happy to join and join to similar communities? I not sure. Easy website should have own zest (idea). No need clone it again and again :-)

As core suggestions, can offer next:
* how about CSS3 + HTML5? Most of browsers support it and it giving really interesting results. IE6 soon will die in any case (by words of MS)
* implementing (to dolphin forms) HTML5 validation (at client see more side) ? .. or, maybe jquery validation (so we don`t will need to submit data to server for validation)
* how about implementing (or integration) of new captcha (as example math-based or another ready) ?
* how about making less CSS files? And keep several CSS files instead tens (for disabled CSS caching)
* same for JS files
* what about making builder of pages more universal? As example - allow which design box will used for boxes. Plus, make available blocks not only for member/guests, but also for memberships too.

it possible to continue adding suggestions
Nathan Paton
I agree fully with the idea about design boxes. It's been asked repeatedly that we be able to select which design box to use when editing blocks in the page builder.
I agree with Andrew about this
I love the current feature set dolphin currently has and thinks it a fantastic platform! And im all for innovation but agree with 100% with Andrewp with the uptake of ipads and mobile device and the direction tings are going html vs flash I think the whole RMS server approach should be reconsidered.
@AndrewP I don't believe anyone was really talking about cloning Facebook, or any other site. I think you misunderstood.

It's more of an argument about letting people create a page to their liking, or giving them a "one-size-fits-all" solution. I favor the former, but apparently I am in the minority. Nothing new for me.

Teeny boppers are far from the only people who customize their templates. My old site had virtually nobody under 21 and the majority customized things. The large page see more sizes were a problem, admittedly. I'm not suggesting to do what MySpace did.... hence the statement "I'm not saying to go the route that MySpace originally took", but I do think that there is a lot of potential with what has been started already. Again, there is money to be made.

The potential is there, but it looks like it will go the way of the dinosaurs if popular opinion is any indication. That's fine, but I don't think it will do anyone any favors. Boonex (IMO) is on to something. Profiles can be nicely customized without a lot of the problems mentioned above. Still, if a person insists on blocking things like glitter graphics - my argument will fall on deaf ears.

What I am in favor of is profile customization - with moderation. Not over the top like MySpace, and not vanilla like Facebook. Something in between that actually works, can make a user feel they are at home, and can be monetized. I think much of what I've heard is based on MySpace (or similar). That is short sighted IMO. There is a middle ground that hasn't been exploited well by any social networking script I've come upon.

Like it, or hate it. The end user loves it. If you are going to run a business that ignores the customer preferences - you will be run over by someone who pays attention to their least at our level. Facebook has a ton of $$$ and members. That makes it hard to run over.
Andrew Boon
Personally, I like the idea of controlled customization - admin provides a limited scope of control, like a few templates/layouts and allows personalization of elements that wouldn't disrupt the page no matter what the user comes up with. To even make this possible we're rebuilding the default template, making it image-free and highly unified. This would create a certain window of opportunity that can be relayed to users in a shape of profile customizer. Twitter, for one, is a good (albeit a bit see more extreme) example: they will let you change the background and colors a bit - but whatever you do, you can't brake your profile.
i like the idea of controlled customisation too. i think what you are trying to get at can be explained in a well thought out metaphor =).

Don't give people vanilla icecream (plain like facebook) but don't give them neopolitan like myspace do, perhaps just vanilla with little choc chips in them, so it's not plain, there is something awesome in there to keep the visitors entertained, yet they won't throw colours everywhere with there multi flavoured dessert
Back on topic... Home Page feed

I really don't have a problem with the way iit is now, but that sentment only applies when viewing the site with a PC browser. You can pretty much make your home page whatever you want it to be. What I would really like to see, is a Dolphin site that looks good when it is being accessed by a mobile device. I'm not talking about a plain old WAP module that gives you a really boring browsing experience. We need something that takes things to a new level. I'd see more really like to see a Dolphin site that switched to a mobile template when being accessed by a mobile device. This means, among other things, a single column layout, CSS tailored for mobile devices, no floats, etc. The top menu would need to be completely redesigned for a mobile device... a single line, horizontal menu won't work. To keep Steve Jobs happy, videos and other media would need to be displayed without the use of flash.

In essence, I'd like for someone visiting my site for the first time with a mobile device, to see a content rich, readable, and easy to navigate site.... albeit simplified to some degree. Simplified meaning only the main top menu selections... no drop downs, and possibly not displaying all page blocks. Perhaps add a new condition (checkbox) to each page block that indicates whether or not to display that block on the mobile web template/layout.

If you really want to get ahead of the pack, the mobile web is currently a place where you have all the running room you need. There's lots of room for innovation here.
Andrew Boon
Valid point. I strongly believe that thew newer versions of Dolphin have to be both mobile and touch friendly. We'll certainly evaluate the steps that need to be taken in that direction. As for the menu - I agree that drop-downs are not the UX part for mobile devices, and it should only compliment natural navigation flow. We hope to be able to show the new approach for the nav-menu in Dolphin 7.1 soon.
I agree completely that Mobile is a very important design consideration for any future changes to Dolphin.
Will it possible to be, to disable all new functions? i want just bug-fixes and not use splash screen, or other "new" functions.
best regards!
Andrew Boon
You would have much of new functions. 7.1 is a "Detox" project and we basically do a big cleanup. The whole idea of this conversation is to understand what are the best ways to trim clutter and represent content more laconically.
andrew.... i hope at this version comes a perfect privacy managment system :) so easy like fb...and i hope you remember that that with clean, dolphin is now so big...but many modules have not a logical member structure..and so mutch menubuttons, links, interacts...i like this new sites who are very clean mostly css i hope it comes more easy wheight :)
Here are a couple of my suggestions;

Now Andrew if we could seriously look at the search function within Dolphin it would be most appreciated. Currently this function does not work very well if at all. Please correct me here if I am wrong. This is such an integral part of networking, why we would not spend more time refining it I cannot understand.

Secondly, any way we can incorporate the ability to choose between using username or First and Last name or both. Admin should have ability to decide see more on the onset which way to set it up. Either one or the other or both.

Lastly, remove the interdependence between modules. That would solve a lot of issues.
Andrew Boon
We've already discussed these points in the post about next version features. this post, however is about homepage.
Hi Andrew,
PLEASE before you do any innovations, (i repeat) PLEASE make a cleanup in existing code.
PLEASE make a proper semantic template (just a basic, but semanticaly OK)
PLEASE also make sure, that all modules are consistent (URL parameters, HTML rendering, etc.)
PLEASE have a look at httpd error log, how many undefined variables and indexes there are at the moment.

and then, once the platform will be nice and clean, please do innovations.

many thanxs
word! you are in right my friend! ;-)
Andrew Boon
7.1 is a "Detox" project and we basically do a big cleanup. The whole idea of this conversation is to understand what are the best ways to trim clutter and represent content more laconically. We already discussed the plans about modules and many other core improvements. This post is about the homepage.
Dolphin should me more Search engine friendly and more open.... by open i mean in present condition facebook cant fetch thumbnails or videos when we post a link of dolphin based site in it.
Secondly i need more control of homepage items from page builder... i want to control the logo position, top menu position, promo size n position from page builder only.

Also there should be good sharing and fb like options everywhere. In preset condition although we can add FB LIKE button in site but after see more a user LIKEs it, it doesnt apper in the news feed of that users fb friends. I tried everything,read fb forums too but its still same.

In FILES module there should be an option to embed the documents like or

And how bout letting users to add one html block i his profile where he can add his stuff.i think this will be an usefull option for enduser.
F.E. dolphin should be w3 valid and than it will be much more friendly for search engines. ;-)
Andrew Boon
Thank you for suggestions. We already talked about some of them and will have a chance to discuss them again. This post, however is specifically about homepage.
How about the ability to be able to expand page blocks from one row to another row. I would love to expand a row onto or above another row. Instead of just having vertical rows.
Andrew Boon
There's a bit more to it than it sounds. We are considering mixed layouts with different combinations of rows and columns positioning, but this means complete remake of the builders and pages.
Andrew, yes, I realize just how much of a rework this would be, but you *DID* ask for ideas about innovating the homepage, and this would be a big one for most people.
Lot of comment ... lot of think out of topic.
We are speaking here about the homepage ...
My opinion is simple : what is dolphin now a day ?
- If dolphin is a meeting CMS, then let's put some splash, force people to subscribe and then put a block with online people
- if dolphin is a "facebook clone" CMS, let's put an activity feed.

Personally, I am one of the stupid with try to use dolphin as a CMS (rather than wordpress or joomla) and fight to try to get a nice homepage with the see more information i want to give to my user.
Because it's not about design, it's all about info. and for that, it's a lot of work to do ... what's about putting the picture of my last event to help people to decide to come to my next ... put a orange box for people to log themself with their facebook account, put my last video in big, etc ...
My opinion is ... let concentrate of putting dolphin content in more creative way, let's be able to design the page the way we want and to easily integrate the content we want.
I definitely agree that BoonEx should concentrate on making sure that the core modules of Dolphin works like they should before anything else. I mean, what good is the look and design of your website when it doesn't function like it should. Here are some things I would like to see in the upcoming version of Dolphin:

- I have heard alot of people here complain about how their members (and even my members) say how 'difficult' it is to navigate the site. Simplicity is the key here. Of course this see more will mean redesign of the menu system, allowing better Page Block design (such as horizontal and vertical designs), and template control.

- I would like to see the dependency of modules be eliminated all together. If I want to install just the Groups module, I shouldnt have to install Photos, Videos, Music, and Files too. (Just an example)

- I personally like the idea of a splash page. I would like to see this will the Login + Join form incorporated into it. It should be controlled via the Admin Panel (turn on or off, customize text or pictures, etc.) This gives site owners more possibility of new members signing up in order to view the content. I hate to use Facebook as an example but, you cannot do anything there without signing in or registering.

- As far as mobile goes, I know there is talk of allowing 3rd party modules to integrate with mobile apps, but you should allow the 'main' Boonex mobile apps access to core modules. As HL stated, Blogs, groups, forums, etc. Not just 'view only'. You should be able to read/write all modules.
Nathan Paton
I agree with the issue of module dependencies. I've recommended they implement some kind of "hook" system, where a module only provides the features of another module if both are currently installed and the settings allow it. I don't like playing "hide-and-seek" with the extra modules that were required by another.
I just hope that none of the new features are mandatory. Keep the platform flexible. We don't run dating sites but business networks. It makes me nervous with 7.1 changes that might mandate features that resemble dating sites or Facebook.

Our business customers use our site because it is clean and free from the Facebook clutter. They don't want a typical social network as Facebook. They want a clean business to business platform. They certainly don't want features that resemble dating sites.

PLEASE see more keep the flexibility to keep the dating and typical facebook crap off the sites.

Custimization - some of our companies like to use the customization to match their profile color schemes to ther current website. I guess it depends on who uses your site on whether you get glitter or not.

I don't care how difficult it is for some to setup and use. Keep every feature attached to an "on / off" switch.
Nathan Paton
From the looks of it, you should have more control over available content, not less.

And speaking of the dating features, I'd prefer they be removed from the core and become their own module, much like the other features.
I agree completely. Dolphin has a lot of potential as a NON-dating system. I also feel that the dating features should be moved to a module and not be part of the core code.
page builder should be more felxible... so i can put page blocks where ever i want. i want to put page blocks one above the other and expand them into next row. if you gus know what i mean...

for exampla at the moment page blocks are placed like this :

____ _________
____ _________
____ _________
____ _________

i want them to be the way i want or any other admin want them to be placed...

__ ____ _____
____ __ __ __
______ ______
__________ __
__ __ __ __ __
____ see more _____ ____

at the moment all the dolphin sites have same sort of page block structure. anyone can see a site and say its built with dolphin but if we can place page blocks where ever we want it will give all the sites a new look. i think this should be the most important thing to be implemented.
yes yes pagebuilder have an option to create horizontal row not just vertical..

| |

|------------------------| |------------------------|
| | | |
|------------------------| see more |------------------------|

| |

| |
i think u didnt understand what i mean mate..

at the moment you can only set the width of colums but the width stays the same throughout the page...

i want every column to be different width as i please.
Nathan Paton
@doctormusic78: It doesn't exist.

@mchauhan: I think he's giving a demonstration of how he would like the page builder to work.
i believe that a splash page would be nice...
i also think that a module similar to profile customize should be build but instead of 'only' customizing a profile, admins can customize their website by controling common.css and general.css. that would be great and will make each community unique.

I also think that 'only' top content should be shown in the homepage, for users to see what they are voting for and whats everyone agreeing on and liking.....I also think that the spy should be integrated see more with wall and get notifications when someone posts one thing on a persons wall because that doesn't seem to happen.

A good mobile version of the site should be created eg.

I also think that 'shortcut' links should be added on the top right on the website. shorcut links that will help the user upload any media i.e. photos, music, videos, and post blogs or polls, any time they want fast...... Like in Netlog. I have had issues were users don't know how to upload media because they have to go to a lot before uploading a photo....or any type of media..

Also, i do agree that the profile customization module should me fixed a bit. NOt every thing on the profile is customizable like the ransperency, or for the background to be scrolling, titled, stretched etc...

thats all the suggestions i have for now......... :)

Your doing a great job, boonex, and all this members,... keep it up...looking forward for 7.1. so Excited xD
sorry for my bad english... :)
@Andrew Boon '7.1 is a "Detox" project and we basically do a big cleanup' -> +1000 points
Great! I believe in you, because Dolphin platform has a big potential ;)

As for the Homepage clutter, i'd go for a big subheader/splash, which delivers clear message and below that, i'd like to have either some cherrypicks/featured or latest stuff (one of each) in 1 - 2 row(s) and 3 - 4 columns.

Just a very simple, but clear homepage.
The home page of a social site (in my opinion) is the cover of a book and it's the first impression people see when visiting the site.
Having big banners should be ruled out for a couple reasons, a banner is a image, a template is a image there fore it shouldn't stand out as much as what the content should.

I think it would be nice to have a "take a tour" link, image link, button etc. on the home page.
It gives the user the choice to either see more of what the site is about or just see more simply login/register.
This brings me to another suggestion.
Make the home page clean, less cluttered but display the primary purpose to the site (get to the point of what the site is about)

Having a feed is a realy good idea, you can provide feeds that could be filtered by the end user (Photos uploaded, Videos uploaded, Blogs posted, Users joined etc.)

This is kinda out the window here but i'm gonna mention it anyways as any administrator could set this up easily.
Having a default user created with some sample content, on the home page provide the option to take the site for a test run...nobody wants to spend time filling out fields, confirming, logging in to find out it's not quite up their alley.
This gives our users a feel for what the site is about, how it works, what's going on etc. than they can make the decision to join or leave.

Here's a folder with a couple screenshots that contain the outline and gives a general idea as to my opinion...

Oh yeah, where it says new, should have said news :P

I think I like the "Take a tour" idea better than anything else I've heard so far. It's one thing that is really missing from Dolphin. (Considering the complexity of the system)
Andrew, all you need to do, is visit this site with a mobile device, and you'll see that the competition is one up on Boonex in the mobile friendly website department.

There's a lot of room for improvement on the SE mobile site... I couldn't view videos when browsing the site with an iPhone. They sell a mobile plugin for $40. The closest thing we got is a half-baked WAP module (No offense to the wap module author.. I'm sure they did the best they could)

A see more LOT of people use a mobile device to use social networks, and the numbers are growing. There is also a growing number of people whose only means of accessing the internet is with their mobile device. Everybody these days has a smart phone. Tablet PCs are becoming more popular, and prices will fall, as they evolve. Mobile devices are changing the way people use the internet, and its happening very quickly. Look for keyboards that you'll be able to roll up and put in your shirt pocket, then sit at the coffee shop, and use it with your tablet PC.

Complex websites like those built with the Dolphin platform, will need to be very mobile friendly, and very fluid. Everyone is not going to want to download an iPhone app, or an Android app, for every website that they want to view and interact with. Imagine someone that likes 10 different Dolphin sites... each one with their own branded iPhone app for their members to download. There will soon come a time, where requiring a mobile app to effectively use a website, just won't be practical. The sites will just need to stand on their own.

This is all happening very fast, and I hope you feel a strong sense of urgency to get this done. Dolphin needs to adapt, and adapt very quickly, or else the mobile web revolution will leave us all behind.
Well those are the Golder words you just said...
its really good to have simple wap or html5 mini web than app(thing)

easy to develop, easy to maintain, compatible to all screen sizes. best choice
Andrew, about the topic of this post, here's my opinion:
Questioning whether feed should be implemented on a social networking site is a question that comes...a couple of years later than what the market is currently offering.
I mean, feeds have to be shown, they represent a normal, logic (and technological, read web 2.0) consequence of online interaction on social sites.
I'd like Dolphin to offer a customizable live feed module, working pretty much like the Facebook, LinkedIn, Live and many see more other sites: posting on wall, commenting, like option, show all/friends only activity so on and so forth. So that each one of us could reshape and customize it as they like.
Right now I think only IDBW offer such a feature, works great, but code is encrypted and pretty much useless in case of real (read: commercial, working, business oriented) community websites, where customizations are needed.
I'm currently orienting my work on either customizing 3rd parties non-encripted modules or developing new modules my self in plain php so I dont have to depend on others work too much.
This might seem I'm getting far from Dolphin and probably is. As I alredy commented on other posts, depending on a script which requires a total re-coding for customized site when upgrades are made availble, is -to me- totally useless.
I agree totally. Anything that is created for Dolphin that is new (including future mobile apps) should be totally customizable. Dolphin community developers and Boonex should try to break their habit of developing for Dating sites and leaving all of the other purpose owners having to customize from there.

Here is an example section of a Search. "P5V&NickName=&Keyword=&Sex[]=female&submit=Search" A 100% business-to-business site on the front-end still shows in the see more query Sex and Female. That sucks.

I guarantee that non-dating sites can generate more revenue. For 7.1 PLEASE neutralize the coding and still allow full customization on the front end for every feature.
By this

I like Humblevoice and beautiful society on Layouts
I have the feeling that Boonex lost its direction a long time ago, when D6 was the big thing and D7 a dream. Now, D7 is neither a big thing, nor a dream, 6.1 is useless and we hear there will be D8 someday sooner or later.

I can´t see why Boonex doesn´t release a finished and tested version of a script with basic mods, like chat, media files albums, groups and not much more, and leave all pluses to developers.

I think this would work much better, make Boonex more money, and makes us much see more happier.

This new "dialogue" now will not bring other results than further delays and harder complaints.

For those of us who want a ready to use script, Dolphin has become an issue not a solution. Hence, most of us, or at least some of us, are holding our projects until we really find a script that works without major issues and that we see and feel, it´s stable and finished.

Think of it in other terms. Would you buy a car if you read as many complaints about it as we can find here about D7? Would you trust the manufacturer if you would read its continuous promises for improvements, offers to dialogue about what features should stay and so on?

I guess it might be very interesting for students, people who take this script as a hobby, and not much more than that. But business-wise, so far D7 is a total ruin.

Fully agree, especially with your last paragraph.
I wonder, should us - using Dophin for business-wise, set buying a group in order to have some missing features (read live feeds) developed?
If we are talking purely about the homepage then an easier way to create the type of homepage that suits your site requirements would be lovely. Maybe the option to create and index1.php, index2.php, index3.php would be useful.

Depending on what your site is all about, you might want a homepage that is purely informative, or some form of splash page or even as it is now with dynamic blocks of info that give you a quick glance at what's happening in your site right now. It would be nice to have see more the option of all 3 so you may enable at an instant the one that defaults as your actual homepage depending on your current aim.

Zarcon's comment about module dependancy is so true. If you don't require the files module for example then you should be able to say no to installing it but if for some reason you guys can't find a way of doing this, then it would be nice to not have it display in the stats block without using some sort of hack to remove it. More control on what appears in the stat block would be handy.

Houstonlively's point about a mobile template is also very important. As mobile phones become more and more like computers, the more likely the possibility that someone's first interaction with our site might be through a mobile device. Yes there is the app which definitely needs some expansion but to use the app, they first have to know about us.
Ola! Eu sou do Brasil (idioma português) e constatei que ha uma grande dificuldade dos visitantes do site quando o idioma não é o do seu país de origem. Gostaria de saber se, teria como colocar a opção de tradução para os principais idiomas no topo do site para que todos possam acessar em seu idioma nacional. Gostaria de saber se teria como colocar um bloco de noticias na pagina inicial e também um bloco de tv canal aberto e com a possibilidade de se poder escoler o canal? Gostaria de see more saber se teria como colocar um botão nas páginas com o seguinte dizer ( fassa dessa pagia do site sua pagina inicial) ai se o visitante da pagina tiver gostado do assunto, ele(a) irá colocar essa página como inicial do seu browser.

...from babelfish:
"Ola! I am of Brazil (Portuguese language) and evidenced that ha a great difficulty of the visitors of the site when the language is not of its native country. He would like to know if, he would have as to place the option of translation for the main languages in the top of the site so that all can have access in its national language. He would like to know if he would have as to also place a block of the news in the initial page and a block of TV open canal and with the see more possibility of if being able to escoler the canal? He would like to know if he would have as to place a button in the pages with the following one to say (fassa of this pagia of the site its initial page) there if the visitor of the page will have liked it subject, it () will go to place this page as initial of its browser."
Nathan Paton
You can manage languages through the administration panel under Settings > Languages Settings. If you add a new language to your site, it becomes immediately accessible through the navigation menu.

You can manage page blocks through the page builder in the administration panel under Builders > Pages Blocks. You can add a new HTML block, which supports the inclusion of rich text and HTML, or a RSS block, which can display a RSS feed of your choice.

Google Translate:

Você pode gerenciar see more línguas através do painel de administração em Configurações> Configurações de Idiomas. Se você adicionar uma nova linguagem para o seu site, torna-se imediatamente acessíveis através do menu de navegação.

Você pode gerenciar blocos página através do construtor de página no painel de administração em Construção> Páginas Blocos. Você pode adicionar um novo bloco de HTML, que apoia a inserção de texto rico e HTML, ou um bloco de RSS, que pode exibir um feed RSS de sua escolha.

I don't suppose there's anyone who knows Portuguese that can further help him, is there?
How about a better extension management system, like what Joomla has?
Not only installing some modules are a pain in the ass, it's hard for an established site to get updated, because deep in the system somewhere, there is a file modified. Even if the admin keeps perfect record of every single modification, I don't honestly think anyone wanna live through hell to re-implement all the mods after an upgrade.
Nathan Paton
I'm wondering if your plans for Flash alternatives are still on the table for this release, and if so, I'd like to hear more details, like how they would work.
I read through some but not all of the posting here so I’m not sure if anyone posted anything about the multimedia package. The multimedia aspect of the software always been somewhat touchy.

Maybe review the whole media server package and perhaps find an alternative application/approach?
Maybe a multi media package that doesn’t need extra server setup etc. or something that doesn’t use a lot of resources.

Just my two cents worth.
Really I think you are asking for our advice on something you are already good at - giving us attractive front page tool, and I fully agree with your statement about emphasizing function over design. At the same time, I agree with the consensus here - make the base functions and modules work first. After all this time, the registration system still has major flaws- the most mission critical part of the application, and basic database functions like search still don't work nearly as well as they see more did in 6.1.
I agree with Zarcon, Houston etc etc,
Before adding extra features, please give us a stable core and make all the standard features work faultlessly. Make Dolphin something to be proud of.
Adding more features to a script that still doesn't work how it should, makes no business sense and shows a total lack of consideration for the hundreds of thousands of paid up users, who would love to be able to relax and not constantly worry what is going to go wrong next.
Dolphin is a good script, but see more it could be an awesome script and sales would easily exceed your membership targets if everything worked and people had more confidence in Dolphins capabilities.
If things are to be added, surely there's no need to ask, just browse through the forums to see what members have been asking for 'over and over again' for years and add those functions.. Such as easy upgrades from any version to the latest, adding rows in page builder, better advertising module, more user types besides M F or couple, functional forum, better cache clearing, etc etc etc
Better still, restore some of the functions that were already present in earlier versions of Dolphin, but were removed so that we now have to pay for mods.
I would just like to add something, and correct me if I am wrong Andrew Boon. But with Sundance, what BoonEx are trying to achieve is a revamp. So they are wanting feedback on how they can make Dolphin much more smooth, flowing, less hurtful of the eyes and anything to make it better.

So for example, I always find an issue with the Articles that when copy pasting from a Word document or other text editor (since we cant save drafts) when I publish, it gets rid of all of my spaces and I need to see more go back and re-edit them back in after every post. It is a pain and perhaps they can take a look at that. While they are looking at that, they can trim some code, fix this, do some magic there and BOOM Dolphin is a little bit faster and better. But hey, I may have this whole thing wrong.

While I am at it though, one thing that a lot of my visitors complain about is operating through the forums, perhaps a revamped forum (especially the 'create new thread' button!) and perhaps some pages, that way it will definitely de-clutter the forums and not force Dolphin to pull ALL posts into that one page load, split it up.

And only one more thing from me, the Articles. I Think there is quite a bit of work that could go into that. I won't post it all here but if anyone from BoonEx wants to hear my opinions just let me know.

Also, I like the idea of a splash page that can be turned on or off from admin panel. I know with quite a lot of different sites (mine too) that the homepage looks a little daunting and can scare away first time comers. Something basic to load up would be great.

One more thought about the how lack of 2.0 modules such as live feeds: I sometimes bump on other entry-level social networks that use other scripts, and I'm surprised on how easy, simple and fast is their feed wall. Nothing complex like the Facebook one, but they offer enough features to let users REALLY interact. And I think, damn, why is Dolphin taking so much time and discussions to develop this?
I think Dolphin has some great pros (it has many social features which you can fully customize on see more your site to the point that users can barely see site is using Dolphin).
Cons though, are more, and this is what makes it a difficult script to implement for business-wide sites.
And by the way, if there's anyone interested in group funding the development of an open source feed wall for D7 (if Boonex won't implement it), msg me in pvt!
Well l have read through alot of what everyone has said and l agree with most of it but l just wanted to list a few things which really need looking at and as long as they dont change then l will be looking for someone who can create the mods for these features

1. dolphin photo, and music upload, uploading photos should be a simple smooth process like on most sites is there a way dolphin can get rid of this long method members must go through to load photos to an album members on my site constantly see more ask for help on uploading photos or music due to the amount of clicks they have to go through just to get a photo uploaded its long winded and needs to be shortened and the same with music upload and the process.

2. top half of dolphin website where they have the promo section is can we have the option to delete it or remove it and where the quotes for sites go, alot of our members complain that the fact they have to continuous scroll down to see the first set of info because of how large the promo section is can become very irritating.

these are just 2 things that dolphin should consider looking l really hope they take notice of alot fo the things mentioned from everyone's else post this is a really good idea asking us what we can do to develop for the better good job again Andrew and boonex team keep it up
I agree, the ability to 'easily' remove, or resize the huge promo box, would be great.
That way site visitors could see more of the home page the moment the land on it, without having to scroll down miles, which ofcourse, they may not do and leave the site.
The same goes for sounds, avatars and pictures, they are far too big and take up much too much room on the home page, pushing everything else right down the page. The adverts and sounds pictures in particular are much too big and take up see more half a page if you have more than 6 of each . Also if the sounds picture/icon could have a picture of the music or group etc instead of that sounds bars image, that would look more interesting.

If resizing the promo box or homepage images/icons/pictures etc is too difficult, could we have a selector box in builders so we can select a specific preset size eg, small, medium, or large,
My site has multiple languages
But if I enter the category in a mod , for example in ModGroups, not change the languages. only one language for the categories
why? something must be done for this

after I agree with what he says AndrewP for blocks,
also should be created Blocks to display for country. i explain ... if i create one block and inside insert Italian language , english member not understand!
the block with italian language i 'll the opportunity show it only in Italy country.

Many see more sites collect the origin of the pc where you have access to the site, viewing at the forefront of the elements of the same country
Option for multilanguage side

Hi Community, and Developers,
I have some suggestion about the next Dolphin cms Program,
In the community we can now change the language via the language switch,
Multilanguage side

In the content from the article news...  the language is not switch

Is it possible to get a form of different view like for the French people the content in French, for German people in German...
This mine if someone make a new article, he have a possibility to choose the see more language
Neutral language:  in each language you can see the Article
English:  only if the user chose English language can see this article
French: only if the user chose French language can see this article
This will make the site more international
I guess am easy solution would be to add a language field in the table that stores the article news info and then filter results according to site laguage set by user.
As for a default function to be implemented by Boonex in the next release, I'd look at how Netlog manages languages in users' profiles.
One thing that Boonex needs to consider when re-working the homepage is the fact that many of us use Dolphin as a PART of our website instead of the ENTIRE site. I would recommend against locking us into a splash screen for those of us who use the system as a subsection of our site instead of the site's home page.

I also would like to see an API that would allow those of us who would like to use pieces of Dolphin on other non-Dolphin pages within our site.
I agree with what he says BangLoungeFM
and Draxxon well when he talks of API , needs a system that allows other sites to interact with Dolphin
Cloning improving ?? i really think you shoold solve some problems before doing this, the dolphin template is really heavy + sql request "need to be improved" + count queries in every page of the site, just believe me people you can't have more than 60 simultaneous connections without problems.

My vision to the next version of dolphin:

1- More simple templates.
2- No more count queries, ex: Photos, videos, sounds, blocks...
3- Simple pagination, without pages, only next or more...
4- see more Using jquery will help speeding up the site.

Conclusion: a simple design and a faster website, will encourage people to join.

About cloning facebook: We are not looking for copy / past, but isn't it very helpful to implement the new technology like jquery ?

With all my respect.
It would be great if Admin has all powers to change anything in the frondend also.
like renaming Menues, rearranging menues, managing memberships, moderating, changing templates, editing seo metatags, titles, tags etc,
A greater use of Ajax would be excellent - avoiding all those unsightly required page refreshes.
No, no, no, a thousand times no.
Nathan Paton
We just got rid of much of the bulk, there's no need to add it back.
It appears Ajax was the wrong word to use here then - you guys know the correct term for this... I basically mean fewer page refreshes.
Okay Im gonna add my 2 cents to this debate

1) There should be definitaly added a checkbox field in registration process which mark a whole profile and/or certain sections like photos/videos as an adult content. If user mark some of his photo/video folders or mark whole profile as an adult content than this will be not viewable by general public and by people under certain age set in administration. Also there should be a other checkbox at registration (lately editable) so user can select if they see more want see adult content or not. Whole this thing should be turned on/off by adiminstrator in backend . This is great for sites which contains both - normal datzing/community section and also adult content section. Also than there should be an checkbox in search so users can select if they want search in all profiles. normal profiles, adult content profiles ,,,

2)please take your time boonex and dont start to break 7.1 fixes into several versions and fix all current bugs in one step - however time it takes - we all have been patient montsa and years so we can wait but fix that all in one release please

3) whole search function should be fixed and enhanced so users can search by parameters - like eyes type, hair colour, tall, weight, interests, smoker/nonsmoker etc .... as this is core function for every dating site !!! Also please make a proper database of international zipcodes and main worldwide cities som users can search properly by post code, city etc - now this databases are missing...
Better SEO for dolphin pages is a must. They currently contain too much of everything eccept what a site is about. Even with the home page stripped down to just basic info, it's still over bloated and not SEO friendly. Feeds yes, but keep 'em simple and efficient!
Still, Dolphin is becoming more community centric cms.
Boonex should have a wider view on this...
if D8 is going to be a or like cms
the view on the development scope will be more mature.
i would want boonex to shun to develop the idea of community as a portal.
portal should have manything else...
community should be a part of it.

in India there are 2 big sites is more active than ibibo just because its nature see more of content.
i love and i dream some day boonex will take me there...
bharatstudent claims to be indian responce to fb. I joined it during its initial dez wen it had a horrible interface n they usually post so called mms links of indian celebs on orkut .. Boonex ppl need to work on articles n blog sections a lot.. Right now only option we have is to use joomla/wordpress cms for rest of the things and dolphin for community part.
tomakali categorized the content with hype
which attracted many young members. there are huge content inside all are well categorized. well managed!!!
Hey Andrew...You're looking for ideas on how the home page feed should work right? Well rather than try to explain what i think, I would like you to check this out Take a look at the "Lowdown" feature on the home page. This thing really rocks. It displays everything, The latest forum posts with some content and comments, latest videos,photos, new members,etc. It has everything! Users also have the option to choose what they want to see using the "Lowdown see more Customization" menu. If you could code the home page feed to work like this then there would be no need for separate blocks to display the content like the way you have it now. Oh one more thing....while your there be sure and check out the Babes :)
Affiliate from D6 gone? I need a new built in affiliate system for D7.
Unchecked Automatic profile activation after joining and unchecked Automatic profile confirmation without Confirmation Email not working. profiles are automatic confirmed (no admin confirmation, no email confirmation)
Nathan Paton
You should be able to find an affiliate mod in the market. Also, the problem with profile confirmation sounds like a personal one (it works for me), so you should post in the forums, instead.
Is there no other way to do the cam chat without flash? java maybe?
can we have the memberships also to include veiwing of cams? so people pay to watch cams, as cams are what draw paying members.
cams can upload free, but have options for paying to view cams
I think splash screen must be an option. I like it open no splash screen but i think other people dont like it. so an option would be nice. What i would like is that nickname is not an unique field. so people can change it to realnames if the would like. I really dont like people just saying: make things work right. I think the builders are doing there best to let it work right.
I think some modules should be independent of each other, like the store, payment, and some of the others. some peoples website don't want a store, but need payments. You should be able to disable or hide store. The quick search age options should be a drop down, instead of click on individual ages. that looks unprofessional or shall I say amateurish. You should incorporate other payment modules other than paypal, like ccbill. You should be able to manipulate the tabs at the top. You should be able see more to remove what you don't want. dolphin 7.1 should be user friendly.
I think a great colourful, friendly Splash Page would be what is needed. So far I am happy with the work you are doing. Well done. Please consider a Splash Page.
I do really love boonex but I m wondering about the document to approach boonex architecture. Hope that it will be public in early.
The site should be more customized, and the home feed too..

No I don't mean a myspace customization, where users can change the font / logo and add glitter and glammer..
But what if the user can design their own page with some kind a block system (like the admin can do now)..

Imagine a newsfeed column where you can just drag and drop what you want to see in there? I want to see more of houstonlively, I just drop his name in the feed and it keeps showing up him.. now I also want to add andrew see more boons stuff and thus drop him in the feed and he shows up too .. I don't want videos and thus drop this to the side..
It should be able to be updated on the spot (so not that you have to open a settings menu) and maybe a more advanced customization on a separate settings page.

For the users profile create something like google's homepage, you can move blocks around in the order you want.
Than what you also should do is that viewers can organizer your profile for their prefered way too (which will not affect your settings) so maybe I like to watch my videos on the left and thus put the videos block for other peoples profile on the left, you (the owner of the profile) on the other hand like to have it on the right and thus you put the block on the right. We are both watching the same user but his profile looks different based on our own preferences .. (maybe also a feature that profile owners can disable this, and force their view on you)..

Last but not least, back to the feed:
The feed should be smart(!).
It should emphasis things I like and things I dig, but also people I mostly view and video categories I mostly watch. The more I visit the website the more the feed learns from me and the more the feed is being personalized to my taste and preference.. It will give me suggestions and recommendations if it noticed that I might like something (maybe not in the main feed, maybe in a small feed next to it)

well for my point of view the biggest problem i got now with my dolphin website is not listed in your first debate,,, i was expected more improvement for the 7.1 version.... emergency improvement to have a full and professional website!

1. SPAM!!!! I need to put these spammer OUT! Every time that i check when some new members is joining my website.. a lot of them is spammer and put some text into the blog with external link to other scam website. We need to find a solution for that... also a better see more way to moderate content should be an option... the Admin Dashboard should have a better moderation panel on the main page... To see easily what need to be moderated and easiky approve or delete each content on the same page... even for music, photo, avatar, blog and forum post... because for now you have to navigate into each separate section or module to moderate every content...

2. IPHONE!! When i will buy the iphone custom app for my own website it will be when the user will be able to signup into my website via the Iphone app.... because i guess that a lot of new member will discover my website via the apple app store... so they dont already got an account into my website,,, so they need to be able to signup and also use the website only with the iphone and with the app.... because for now the member had to create an account via the web browser first and after lauch the app... this is very bad... and most of the other community app got the option to create an account directly from the iphone app.

3. Take and share photo or video from the iphone camera... specially for the main avatar photo... to take a recent face pics to put on their profil....

4. CHAT chat chat! Live chat on iphone is a must... all the other community app got that.... so why not dolphin?

5. Push notification? did the app use this feature for new mail or new friend request?

this is belong too me the most important things to work on to make a REAL competetive social network website... because for now yes dolphin got a lot of features but dont have the elementary features that all the other got... and all the members used the most on their smartphone

by the way the new comment should be at the top... not at the bottom... people who want to follow the new comment by refreshing the page always have to click many times on the Show More Comment.... this is boring

We need the system to rename any
photos or images
groups or communities or qabila
blogs or notes or blah blah blah
any module must have this option... wat say????
I hope that you will add <meta description> and <meta keyword> in articles and news for more SEO and best indexing from google. You are the best boonex!
Best wishes from Bulgaria: Bozhidar
I hope you guys make the comment system in blog, forum and events just like this.
Strongly this version.
i hope this version comes more BIG Menu Structur is not good...many menupoints can be more logical integrate to the the member see only this functions who need
I will just say to you to just improve Speed
just like other community softwares u know better about your competitors
there scripts are very light and much faster and with more features ,...... so
think about it and give the fix date to release D7.1 that should be a good thing .............
I was thinking about this whole project the other day. Then it hit me, you know whom else creates products this way? You know, never finishing one before they move onto the next one and providing endless patches for it till everyone finally gives up and goes away?

Hello! I have noticed that when we hear an album of music from one profile to another page when we left the site, the music stops playing. I wonder if you would put a list of songs on the album's Profile suspended (in flash) and with the option: quit or close the list of songs. So we could still hear the music album of favorite songs and yet, we could go to other pages while listening to favorite songs list.

Hello! I wonder when I receive messages in chat even with the minimized chat (like MSN) that is minimized with the bar flashing or changing color whenever someone sends a message. I would also like a system of disclosure of the classified (top) and integrated directly to the profile of each user or member.

I wish I could take the members (or vipes tops and online) appearing in each profile (like a photo film frame by frame) as a tape with several members and tops online in sequence from left to right. Members would wish to be top or vip and engage more of the site and activities.

I would also be able to watch TV on the site (as the TV channels that have sites that may be chosen by a member of the site.)

I wonder if you would like to place a system for voip internet telephone.

I wonder if you would like to put a system in the vip members or top page of each member of the site as the site has

1. More simple navigation.
2. Much more privacy controls for members.
3. more support for facebook API's
the feed back I get from my demographic is confusion to busy to many choices (bigger not always better)
for me the upgrade proses needs to be done just by clicking the button in the admin area (not by hiring a programmer)
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.