I just hope that none of the new features are mandatory. Keep the platform flexible. We don't run dating sites but business networks. It makes me nervous with 7.1 changes that might mandate features that resemble dating sites or Facebook.

Our business customers use our site because it is clean and free from the Facebook clutter. They don't want a typical social network as Facebook. They want a clean business to business platform. They certainly don't want features that resemble dating sites.

PLEASE see more keep the flexibility to keep the dating and typical facebook crap off the sites.

Custimization - some of our companies like to use the customization to match their profile color schemes to ther current website. I guess it depends on who uses your site on whether you get glitter or not.

I don't care how difficult it is for some to setup and use. Keep every feature attached to an "on / off" switch.
Nathan Paton
From the looks of it, you should have more control over available content, not less.

And speaking of the dating features, I'd prefer they be removed from the core and become their own module, much like the other features.
I agree completely. Dolphin has a lot of potential as a NON-dating system. I also feel that the dating features should be moved to a module and not be part of the core code.
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