Andrew, about the topic of this post, here's my opinion:
Questioning whether feed should be implemented on a social networking site is a question that comes...a couple of years later than what the market is currently offering.
I mean, feeds have to be shown, they represent a normal, logic (and technological, read web 2.0) consequence of online interaction on social sites.
I'd like Dolphin to offer a customizable live feed module, working pretty much like the Facebook, LinkedIn, Live and many see more other sites: posting on wall, commenting, like option, show all/friends only activity so on and so forth. So that each one of us could reshape and customize it as they like.
Right now I think only IDBW offer such a feature, works great, but code is encrypted and pretty much useless in case of real (read: commercial, working, business oriented) community websites, where customizations are needed.
I'm currently orienting my work on either customizing 3rd parties non-encripted modules or developing new modules my self in plain php so I dont have to depend on others work too much.
This might seem I'm getting far from Dolphin and probably is. As I alredy commented on other posts, depending on a script which requires a total re-coding for customized site when upgrades are made availble, is -to me- totally useless.
I agree totally. Anything that is created for Dolphin that is new (including future mobile apps) should be totally customizable. Dolphin community developers and Boonex should try to break their habit of developing for Dating sites and leaving all of the other purpose owners having to customize from there.

Here is an example section of a Search. "P5V&NickName=&Keyword=&Sex[]=female&submit=Search" A 100% business-to-business site on the front-end still shows in the see more query Sex and Female. That sucks.

I guarantee that non-dating sites can generate more revenue. For 7.1 PLEASE neutralize the coding and still allow full customization on the front end for every feature.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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