I definitely agree that BoonEx should concentrate on making sure that the core modules of Dolphin works like they should before anything else. I mean, what good is the look and design of your website when it doesn't function like it should. Here are some things I would like to see in the upcoming version of Dolphin:

- I have heard alot of people here complain about how their members (and even my members) say how 'difficult' it is to navigate the site. Simplicity is the key here. Of course this see more will mean redesign of the menu system, allowing better Page Block design (such as horizontal and vertical designs), and template control.

- I would like to see the dependency of modules be eliminated all together. If I want to install just the Groups module, I shouldnt have to install Photos, Videos, Music, and Files too. (Just an example)

- I personally like the idea of a splash page. I would like to see this will the Login + Join form incorporated into it. It should be controlled via the Admin Panel (turn on or off, customize text or pictures, etc.) This gives site owners more possibility of new members signing up in order to view the content. I hate to use Facebook as an example but, you cannot do anything there without signing in or registering.

- As far as mobile goes, I know there is talk of allowing 3rd party modules to integrate with mobile apps, but you should allow the 'main' Boonex mobile apps access to core modules. As HL stated, Blogs, groups, forums, etc. Not just 'view only'. You should be able to read/write all modules.
Nathan Paton
I agree with the issue of module dependencies. I've recommended they implement some kind of "hook" system, where a module only provides the features of another module if both are currently installed and the settings allow it. I don't like playing "hide-and-seek" with the extra modules that were required by another.
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