The site should be more customized, and the home feed too..

No I don't mean a myspace customization, where users can change the font / logo and add glitter and glammer..
But what if the user can design their own page with some kind a block system (like the admin can do now)..

Imagine a newsfeed column where you can just drag and drop what you want to see in there? I want to see more of houstonlively, I just drop his name in the feed and it keeps showing up him.. now I also want to add andrew see more boons stuff and thus drop him in the feed and he shows up too .. I don't want videos and thus drop this to the side..
It should be able to be updated on the spot (so not that you have to open a settings menu) and maybe a more advanced customization on a separate settings page.

For the users profile create something like google's homepage, you can move blocks around in the order you want.
Than what you also should do is that viewers can organizer your profile for their prefered way too (which will not affect your settings) so maybe I like to watch my videos on the left and thus put the videos block for other peoples profile on the left, you (the owner of the profile) on the other hand like to have it on the right and thus you put the block on the right. We are both watching the same user but his profile looks different based on our own preferences .. (maybe also a feature that profile owners can disable this, and force their view on you)..

Last but not least, back to the feed:
The feed should be smart(!).
It should emphasis things I like and things I dig, but also people I mostly view and video categories I mostly watch. The more I visit the website the more the feed learns from me and the more the feed is being personalized to my taste and preference.. It will give me suggestions and recommendations if it noticed that I might like something (maybe not in the main feed, maybe in a small feed next to it)

Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.