@Magnussoft - I absolutely am talking about that.

If you are building a site based only on what *you* want, you could find yourself alone with your perfect version of a site.

Glitter graphics and horrible color schemes don't do anything for me either, but it isn't about me - or you. It's about the end user & they love that crap. Look at all of the MySpace customizer sites that were so popular until MySpace killed most of it. I'm not saying to go the route that MySpace originally took - see more but with a bit of imagination, a site could allow a lot of that with far fewer security implications. I think Boonex is on the right track in that respect - but it needs to be fine tuned & added to.

I really don't care for facebook because I can't really make it my own. My page should be like my home on the web. I should be able to paint it & modify it as I see fit. If we used your logic for home building (as an example) all houses would look only as *you* want them to. That might make you happy, but not the people living in them.

We can agree to disagree, but I'm spot on with this & it's based in past experience with this very subject. It's also a possible money maker since a site owner can create their own profile customizations and sell them - or give them to specific member levels.

People with mohawks, or those who wear their pants down on their hips bug the hell out me. Someone is making big money from the colored hairspray and oddly sewn pants though. The real money is in allowing people to do what they want - not denying them that priveledge due to personal presumptions of the website owner as to what they should want. Facebook has a lot of problems with this. Look at the complaints.
Nathan Paton
I believe that when you give people the ability to control the look of the site, the result is almost always a horrible one, and does nothing to help the quality of your site. I should also mention that Myspace had long lost to Facebook when they began overhauling their site to where it is now.

I don't believe profile customization is a feature people would use as a deciding factor (or much of a plus) for when joining a site (or maybe they would, because it kept me away from a few when they were see more the popular thing to do in the previous decade). I haven't heard many people complaining about the lack of customization options on Facebook and other sites. I don't think people really care, as it's not the primary reason for joining such sites.

I agree with the agreement of disagreement (and another twenty circles or so of this). If you want to allow such features on your site, it's your choice, and you should ultimately be basing your decisions on what your members want (to an extent, of course). You can cater to the kids with mohawks and pants which hang against their waist line.

I'll focus on a consistent design and the overall experience which keeps people coming back.

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