Okay Im gonna add my 2 cents to this debate

1) There should be definitaly added a checkbox field in registration process which mark a whole profile and/or certain sections like photos/videos as an adult content. If user mark some of his photo/video folders or mark whole profile as an adult content than this will be not viewable by general public and by people under certain age set in administration. Also there should be a other checkbox at registration (lately editable) so user can select if they see more want see adult content or not. Whole this thing should be turned on/off by adiminstrator in backend . This is great for sites which contains both - normal datzing/community section and also adult content section. Also than there should be an checkbox in search so users can select if they want search in all profiles. normal profiles, adult content profiles ,,,

2)please take your time boonex and dont start to break 7.1 fixes into several versions and fix all current bugs in one step - however time it takes - we all have been patient montsa and years so we can wait but fix that all in one release please

3) whole search function should be fixed and enhanced so users can search by parameters - like eyes type, hair colour, tall, weight, interests, smoker/nonsmoker etc .... as this is core function for every dating site !!! Also please make a proper database of international zipcodes and main worldwide cities som users can search properly by post code, city etc - now this databases are missing...
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