well for my point of view the biggest problem i got now with my dolphin website is not listed in your first debate,,, i was expected more improvement for the 7.1 version.... emergency improvement to have a full and professional website!

1. SPAM!!!! I need to put these spammer OUT! Every time that i check when some new members is joining my website.. a lot of them is spammer and put some text into the blog with external link to other scam website. We need to find a solution for that... also a better see more way to moderate content should be an option... the Admin Dashboard should have a better moderation panel on the main page... To see easily what need to be moderated and easiky approve or delete each content on the same page... even for music, photo, avatar, blog and forum post... because for now you have to navigate into each separate section or module to moderate every content...

2. IPHONE!! When i will buy the iphone custom app for my own website it will be when the user will be able to signup into my website via the Iphone app.... because i guess that a lot of new member will discover my website via the apple app store... so they dont already got an account into my website,,, so they need to be able to signup and also use the website only with the iphone and with the app.... because for now the member had to create an account via the web browser first and after lauch the app... this is very bad... and most of the other community app got the option to create an account directly from the iphone app.

3. Take and share photo or video from the iphone camera... specially for the main avatar photo... to take a recent face pics to put on their profil....

4. CHAT chat chat! Live chat on iphone is a must... all the other community app got that.... so why not dolphin?

5. Push notification? did the app use this feature for new mail or new friend request?

this is belong too me the most important things to work on to make a REAL competetive social network website... because for now yes dolphin got a lot of features but dont have the elementary features that all the other got... and all the members used the most on their smartphone

by the way the new comment should be at the top... not at the bottom... people who want to follow the new comment by refreshing the page always have to click many times on the Show More Comment.... this is boring

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