page builder should be more felxible... so i can put page blocks where ever i want. i want to put page blocks one above the other and expand them into next row. if you gus know what i mean...

for exampla at the moment page blocks are placed like this :

____ _________
____ _________
____ _________
____ _________

i want them to be the way i want or any other admin want them to be placed...

__ ____ _____
____ __ __ __
______ ______
__________ __
__ __ __ __ __
____ see more _____ ____

at the moment all the dolphin sites have same sort of page block structure. anyone can see a site and say its built with dolphin but if we can place page blocks where ever we want it will give all the sites a new look. i think this should be the most important thing to be implemented.
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