Well l have read through alot of what everyone has said and l agree with most of it but l just wanted to list a few things which really need looking at and as long as they dont change then l will be looking for someone who can create the mods for these features

1. dolphin photo, and music upload, uploading photos should be a simple smooth process like on most sites is there a way dolphin can get rid of this long method members must go through to load photos to an album members on my site constantly see more ask for help on uploading photos or music due to the amount of clicks they have to go through just to get a photo uploaded its long winded and needs to be shortened and the same with music upload and the process.

2. top half of dolphin website where they have the promo section is can we have the option to delete it or remove it and where the quotes for sites go, alot of our members complain that the fact they have to continuous scroll down to see the first set of info because of how large the promo section is can become very irritating.

these are just 2 things that dolphin should consider looking l really hope they take notice of alot fo the things mentioned from everyone's else post this is a really good idea asking us what we can do to develop for the better good job again Andrew and boonex team keep it up
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