One more thought about the how lack of 2.0 modules such as live feeds: I sometimes bump on other entry-level social networks that use other scripts, and I'm surprised on how easy, simple and fast is their feed wall. Nothing complex like the Facebook one, but they offer enough features to let users REALLY interact. And I think, damn, why is Dolphin taking so much time and discussions to develop this?
I think Dolphin has some great pros (it has many social features which you can fully customize on see more your site to the point that users can barely see site is using Dolphin).
Cons though, are more, and this is what makes it a difficult script to implement for business-wide sites.
And by the way, if there's anyone interested in group funding the development of an open source feed wall for D7 (if Boonex won't implement it), msg me in pvt!
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