I have the feeling that Boonex lost its direction a long time ago, when D6 was the big thing and D7 a dream. Now, D7 is neither a big thing, nor a dream, 6.1 is useless and we hear there will be D8 someday sooner or later.

I can´t see why Boonex doesn´t release a finished and tested version of a script with basic mods, like chat, media files albums, groups and not much more, and leave all pluses to developers.

I think this would work much better, make Boonex more money, and makes us much see more happier.

This new "dialogue" now will not bring other results than further delays and harder complaints.

For those of us who want a ready to use script, Dolphin has become an issue not a solution. Hence, most of us, or at least some of us, are holding our projects until we really find a script that works without major issues and that we see and feel, it´s stable and finished.

Think of it in other terms. Would you buy a car if you read as many complaints about it as we can find here about D7? Would you trust the manufacturer if you would read its continuous promises for improvements, offers to dialogue about what features should stay and so on?

I guess it might be very interesting for students, people who take this script as a hobby, and not much more than that. But business-wise, so far D7 is a total ruin.

Fully agree, especially with your last paragraph.
I wonder, should us - using Dophin for business-wise, set buying a group in order to have some missing features (read live feeds) developed?
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