@AndrewP I don't believe anyone was really talking about cloning Facebook, or any other site. I think you misunderstood.

It's more of an argument about letting people create a page to their liking, or giving them a "one-size-fits-all" solution. I favor the former, but apparently I am in the minority. Nothing new for me.

Teeny boppers are far from the only people who customize their templates. My old site had virtually nobody under 21 and the majority customized things. The large page see more sizes were a problem, admittedly. I'm not suggesting to do what MySpace did.... hence the statement "I'm not saying to go the route that MySpace originally took", but I do think that there is a lot of potential with what has been started already. Again, there is money to be made.

The potential is there, but it looks like it will go the way of the dinosaurs if popular opinion is any indication. That's fine, but I don't think it will do anyone any favors. Boonex (IMO) is on to something. Profiles can be nicely customized without a lot of the problems mentioned above. Still, if a person insists on blocking things like glitter graphics - my argument will fall on deaf ears.

What I am in favor of is profile customization - with moderation. Not over the top like MySpace, and not vanilla like Facebook. Something in between that actually works, can make a user feel they are at home, and can be monetized. I think much of what I've heard is based on MySpace (or similar). That is short sighted IMO. There is a middle ground that hasn't been exploited well by any social networking script I've come upon.

Like it, or hate it. The end user loves it. If you are going to run a business that ignores the customer preferences - you will be run over by someone who pays attention to their least at our level. Facebook has a ton of $$$ and members. That makes it hard to run over.
Andrew Boon
Personally, I like the idea of controlled customization - admin provides a limited scope of control, like a few templates/layouts and allows personalization of elements that wouldn't disrupt the page no matter what the user comes up with. To even make this possible we're rebuilding the default template, making it image-free and highly unified. This would create a certain window of opportunity that can be relayed to users in a shape of profile customizer. Twitter, for one, is a good (albeit a bit see more extreme) example: they will let you change the background and colors a bit - but whatever you do, you can't brake your profile.
i like the idea of controlled customisation too. i think what you are trying to get at can be explained in a well thought out metaphor =).

Don't give people vanilla icecream (plain like facebook) but don't give them neopolitan like myspace do, perhaps just vanilla with little choc chips in them, so it's not plain, there is something awesome in there to keep the visitors entertained, yet they won't throw colours everywhere with there multi flavoured dessert
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