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I really don't have a problem with the way iit is now, but that sentment only applies when viewing the site with a PC browser. You can pretty much make your home page whatever you want it to be. What I would really like to see, is a Dolphin site that looks good when it is being accessed by a mobile device. I'm not talking about a plain old WAP module that gives you a really boring browsing experience. We need something that takes things to a new level. I'd see more really like to see a Dolphin site that switched to a mobile template when being accessed by a mobile device. This means, among other things, a single column layout, CSS tailored for mobile devices, no floats, etc. The top menu would need to be completely redesigned for a mobile device... a single line, horizontal menu won't work. To keep Steve Jobs happy, videos and other media would need to be displayed without the use of flash.

In essence, I'd like for someone visiting my site for the first time with a mobile device, to see a content rich, readable, and easy to navigate site.... albeit simplified to some degree. Simplified meaning only the main top menu selections... no drop downs, and possibly not displaying all page blocks. Perhaps add a new condition (checkbox) to each page block that indicates whether or not to display that block on the mobile web template/layout.

If you really want to get ahead of the pack, the mobile web is currently a place where you have all the running room you need. There's lots of room for innovation here.
Andrew Boon
Valid point. I strongly believe that thew newer versions of Dolphin have to be both mobile and touch friendly. We'll certainly evaluate the steps that need to be taken in that direction. As for the menu - I agree that drop-downs are not the UX part for mobile devices, and it should only compliment natural navigation flow. We hope to be able to show the new approach for the nav-menu in Dolphin 7.1 soon.
I agree completely that Mobile is a very important design consideration for any future changes to Dolphin.
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