I agree, the ability to 'easily' remove, or resize the huge promo box, would be great.
That way site visitors could see more of the home page the moment the land on it, without having to scroll down miles, which ofcourse, they may not do and leave the site.
The same goes for sounds, avatars and pictures, they are far too big and take up much too much room on the home page, pushing everything else right down the page. The adverts and sounds pictures in particular are much too big and take up see more half a page if you have more than 6 of each . Also if the sounds picture/icon could have a picture of the music or group etc instead of that sounds bars image, that would look more interesting.

If resizing the promo box or homepage images/icons/pictures etc is too difficult, could we have a selector box in builders so we can select a specific preset size eg, small, medium, or large,
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