Dolphin should me more Search engine friendly and more open.... by open i mean in present condition facebook cant fetch thumbnails or videos when we post a link of dolphin based site in it.
Secondly i need more control of homepage items from page builder... i want to control the logo position, top menu position, promo size n position from page builder only.

Also there should be good sharing and fb like options everywhere. In preset condition although we can add FB LIKE button in site but after see more a user LIKEs it, it doesnt apper in the news feed of that users fb friends. I tried everything,read fb forums too but its still same.

In FILES module there should be an option to embed the documents like or

And how bout letting users to add one html block i his profile where he can add his stuff.i think this will be an usefull option for enduser.
F.E. dolphin should be w3 valid and than it will be much more friendly for search engines. ;-)
Andrew Boon
Thank you for suggestions. We already talked about some of them and will have a chance to discuss them again. This post, however is specifically about homepage.
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