i believe that a splash page would be nice...
i also think that a module similar to profile customize should be build but instead of 'only' customizing a profile, admins can customize their website by controling common.css and general.css. that would be great and will make each community unique.

I also think that 'only' top content should be shown in the homepage, for users to see what they are voting for and whats everyone agreeing on and liking.....I also think that the spy should be integrated see more with wall and get notifications when someone posts one thing on a persons wall because that doesn't seem to happen.

A good mobile version of the site should be created eg.

I also think that 'shortcut' links should be added on the top right on the website. shorcut links that will help the user upload any media i.e. photos, music, videos, and post blogs or polls, any time they want fast...... Like in Netlog. I have had issues were users don't know how to upload media because they have to go to a lot before uploading a photo....or any type of media..

Also, i do agree that the profile customization module should me fixed a bit. NOt every thing on the profile is customizable like the ransperency, or for the background to be scrolling, titled, stretched etc...

thats all the suggestions i have for now......... :)

Your doing a great job, boonex, and all this members,... keep it up...looking forward for 7.1. so Excited xD
sorry for my bad english... :)
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