Still, Dolphin is becoming more community centric cms.
Boonex should have a wider view on this...
if D8 is going to be a or like cms
the view on the development scope will be more mature.
i would want boonex to shun to develop the idea of community as a portal.
portal should have manything else...
community should be a part of it.

in India there are 2 big sites is more active than ibibo just because its nature see more of content.
i love and i dream some day boonex will take me there...
bharatstudent claims to be indian responce to fb. I joined it during its initial dez wen it had a horrible interface n they usually post so called mms links of indian celebs on orkut .. Boonex ppl need to work on articles n blog sections a lot.. Right now only option we have is to use joomla/wordpress cms for rest of the things and dolphin for community part.
tomakali categorized the content with hype
which attracted many young members. there are huge content inside all are well categorized. well managed!!!
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