I would just like to add something, and correct me if I am wrong Andrew Boon. But with Sundance, what BoonEx are trying to achieve is a revamp. So they are wanting feedback on how they can make Dolphin much more smooth, flowing, less hurtful of the eyes and anything to make it better.

So for example, I always find an issue with the Articles that when copy pasting from a Word document or other text editor (since we cant save drafts) when I publish, it gets rid of all of my spaces and I need to see more go back and re-edit them back in after every post. It is a pain and perhaps they can take a look at that. While they are looking at that, they can trim some code, fix this, do some magic there and BOOM Dolphin is a little bit faster and better. But hey, I may have this whole thing wrong.

While I am at it though, one thing that a lot of my visitors complain about is operating through the forums, perhaps a revamped forum (especially the 'create new thread' button!) and perhaps some pages, that way it will definitely de-clutter the forums and not force Dolphin to pull ALL posts into that one page load, split it up.

And only one more thing from me, the Articles. I Think there is quite a bit of work that could go into that. I won't post it all here but if anyone from BoonEx wants to hear my opinions just let me know.

Also, I like the idea of a splash page that can be turned on or off from admin panel. I know with quite a lot of different sites (mine too) that the homepage looks a little daunting and can scare away first time comers. Something basic to load up would be great.

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