Andrew, all you need to do, is visit this site with a mobile device, and you'll see that the competition is one up on Boonex in the mobile friendly website department.


There's a lot of room for improvement on the SE mobile site... I couldn't view videos when browsing the site with an iPhone. They sell a mobile plugin for $40. The closest thing we got is a half-baked WAP module (No offense to the wap module author.. I'm sure they did the best they could)

A see more LOT of people use a mobile device to use social networks, and the numbers are growing. There is also a growing number of people whose only means of accessing the internet is with their mobile device. Everybody these days has a smart phone. Tablet PCs are becoming more popular, and prices will fall, as they evolve. Mobile devices are changing the way people use the internet, and its happening very quickly. Look for keyboards that you'll be able to roll up and put in your shirt pocket, then sit at the coffee shop, and use it with your tablet PC.

Complex websites like those built with the Dolphin platform, will need to be very mobile friendly, and very fluid. Everyone is not going to want to download an iPhone app, or an Android app, for every website that they want to view and interact with. Imagine someone that likes 10 different Dolphin sites... each one with their own branded iPhone app for their members to download. There will soon come a time, where requiring a mobile app to effectively use a website, just won't be practical. The sites will just need to stand on their own.

This is all happening very fast, and I hope you feel a strong sense of urgency to get this done. Dolphin needs to adapt, and adapt very quickly, or else the mobile web revolution will leave us all behind.
Well those are the Golder words you just said...
its really good to have simple wap or html5 mini web than app(thing)

easy to develop, easy to maintain, compatible to all screen sizes. best choice
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