Sounds like a good move in the right direction.

Making it mandatory for developers to have a support forum for each product would help greatly with issues, as the issues would be in public view with responses or non-responses from developer. On each market product make the Support Forum button big and direct members to read before purchasing .
If theres issues on Support Forum with no response from developer, it shows potential buyers the product support is not there or module has issues and see more also shows Boonex, the module is faulty and lacks support.

Suggestions: Market post should have mandatory;

- Compatibility Versions

- Support Forum* (for certified and others)

- A Live Demo site

- Encrypted module with license or not (if encrypted, module sent to Administration (Boonex) for fail safe release

- Dedicated Support Email

- ?? Day Update Policy (Modules updated to current version within certain amount of days of an official dolphin upgrade release)
I suggested the auto-forum thread a while back, along with automatically subscribing the developer with no unsubscribe button.

One more thing I would add is automatic update notifications to our mail here on unity, whenever the developer updates the product.
I agree with houstonlively. Automated update notifications to our mail when a product is updated.
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