It might be a good idea to recommend that all communication between vendor and buyer to take place via the Boonex Unity internal email system as it will ensure that if anyone has an issue, be they vendor or buyer, that Boonex will have a record of all emails between the two parties thus allowing Boonex to help resolve any issues, similar to the procedure used on eBay for example.

It also provides better value for money for people like Modzzz that have to pay fees to get all their products on the see more market as you can support them when they are having trouble with a customer, and in turn provides better protection for the customer as all communications will be transparent to Boonex staff which will also help with trust certification for members like Adminmysite and Deano92964.
I like this idea, record all communication, and actually redevelop developers points system, where they receive more points if email is answered within 1 hour too
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