Exactly, I agree 200% to everything you said! Boonex thinks by charging more and more they can resolve the inherent issues with the system which is totally untrue. Like you said, eventually it's an additional cost for the customers. Like we said before if boonex can just differentiate developers properly based on feedback and performance, it will solve all the issues. But instead of improving the system, they are trying to revamp the whole process. Creating workarounds will not resolve the issue see more here. For e.g. go to market and then click "Browse All Products" and then click "hot" or "most popular" and you will see the top products with 8 reviews, 7 reviews, 2 reviews etc. Not sure what algorithm they are using that sorts the products in this fashion. Again, fix your system and nothing else is required.

Sincere opinion from a dolphin mod developer.

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