i got licenses for paid contributor stars that Boonex converted, at least 3 stars i recall, might have been more. i got 2 licenses that were given for donations i believe, and i have 59 for converted points and ray apps. plus 2 free licenses i have since deleted, in all i had 66 licenses. 64 being permanent and the 2 free ones i have now deleted.
Victor T also gave me some, maybe 5 i don't know but it was for something i did or something boonex did so i was awarded some extra as an apology.

when see more you did your latest license template conversion i was missing 5 licenses and old deleted domains were renewed on some licenses. oddly enough about 5 old domains, the same number of permanent licenses i am now missing.

any hint of getting my 5 permanent licenses back? or an explanation to why they have been taken off me? Not that i am going to miss 5 when i have 59 left but an explanation why would be nice. or maybe you would like to give me 11 more as a gesture of good will? that would make it a round 70 i have then. ;)

Dont ask for transaction IDs houstonlively's dog ate mine
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