MY LICENSES ARE GONE! - No, wait a sec...

Mike posted 4th of May 2011 in Boonex News. 42 comments.

Many reports are coming from members who have checked into their Unity accounts and see that licenses are gone, or their account is showing other errors (cart, etc.). The initial inclination is to panic - but don't do that. The switch to Unity 4.0 resulted in information being presented incorrectly, and Boonex techs are working to remedy this.

Your licenses still show in the database and things are not as bad as they may seem. Please be patient ( a recurring theme through all this change) while the fix is being made. The new Unity will soon reflect accurately what is really there.

The BoonEx Team



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Okay thanks for the info. I'm also on a panic since I saw my account and my licenses are gone.
Whoa! I used to have 4 prime licenses in my account..... now they're gone!
Yeah - sorry about that. Yours were the only ones that disappeared from the DB too. Gosh! Send me your transaction IDs!! ;)
My dog ate the paper the ID's were written down on :'(
ok good cuz i was already looking to book a flight to kazakhstan !.

just after posting here i see my license is back. See i knew i would scare you guys lol..
Andrew Boon
Flight to Kazakhstan would help much anyway :D
Nathan Paton
You mean Kyrgyzstan. And then Australia.
The issue was fixed and all licenses should be visible right now.
Check it please and thank you for the report.
FIXED! Thanks Mike for clarifying this issue so quickly!
Ok my licenses are back!

Now I have 4 permanent and 4 'Free' license's

One permanent license points to my asia-connect website and two 'Free' license's point to my asia-connect website also...?
Why do two of my free licenses point to my asia-connect website. That is what the permanent license is for. How do you delete these Free licenses?
Requested a link for that ..... would sure help to clean up a lot of accounts! Keep your fingers crossed.
I now have 14 12 free and 2 ad free when I should have 1 and
Mine are back, thanks.
I had about 14 of them now i got one and its only a free one....
ugg nevermind just checked again now i have 3 free ones and one perm....
licenses page not work...blank white page
I have 1 'ad-free' license, but it shows in my account as 'free'
When are they going to fix the market/categories and tags? you can't click on anything they all give you an 404 error
Nathan Paton
I made a ticket for the problem. Also, this has nothing to do with licenses.
I know figure I would just bring light to it. Thanks for making a ticket for it.
I think you guys did a good job on the new site and personally, I did not have any license problems, I just sat patiently and waited... D7 is still the best community software I have seen yet, so rock on guys.
I did have 66 licenses but now i only have 61 lol 2 free licenses and 59 prime licenses, not sure what the other 5 where, but they are now gone :( they might have been the ones converted from when we paid for the contributor stars.
This is looking more and more like a Microsoft development process.....
dont be silly, the MS threads last years and never ger resolved, here they just last months
blank white page after logged in. licenses page not work in ie, chrome and ff4....can you fix this?
i am also missing license numbers for permanent licenses. as to having a transaction ID, i dont think so because the majority of my licenses were purchased more than four years ago. then there was the give-away from andrew. as many here have stated, for some reason i did end up with a large number of free license, i only had about 3 free licenses, and the rest were permanent, either through the contributor purchase that used to be avaiable, or from the license give away from andrew boon

at any see more rate, i am missing licenses.
further looking at this, i see that there are domains showing up that i know were deleted, and there are licenses that were purchased, that are no longer showing up. of course as is with all things, thats the way it has been and that is the way it will be, so most likely no real reason to create a stir about something that was which isnt any longer.
I reset my licence and now it no longer shows my domian is this baD?
Nathan Paton
The reset feature allows you to use the license on another site/domain. If you reset your license by accident, you'll need to add it again to your site.
i got licenses for paid contributor stars that Boonex converted, at least 3 stars i recall, might have been more. i got 2 licenses that were given for donations i believe, and i have 59 for converted points and ray apps. plus 2 free licenses i have since deleted, in all i had 66 licenses. 64 being permanent and the 2 free ones i have now deleted.
Victor T also gave me some, maybe 5 i don't know but it was for something i did or something boonex did so i was awarded some extra as an apology.

when see more you did your latest license template conversion i was missing 5 licenses and old deleted domains were renewed on some licenses. oddly enough about 5 old domains, the same number of permanent licenses i am now missing.

any hint of getting my 5 permanent licenses back? or an explanation to why they have been taken off me? Not that i am going to miss 5 when i have 59 left but an explanation why would be nice. or maybe you would like to give me 11 more as a gesture of good will? that would make it a round 70 i have then. ;)

Dont ask for transaction IDs houstonlively's dog ate mine
Nathan Paton
I'm hearing a lot of people mention some of their licenses are either still missing, or have an old domain attached to them. It's making me wonder if they used a backup to restore the licenses.
Mike, My License is there but can't get to my Messages. going to a Get Started page when i click on the message in message list.
Nathan Paton
What are you talking about?
where is my license, i paid for it and now is not there any more???
Nathan Paton
Open a general support ticket with all related information to your license.
I cannot run any of my widget. I have been trying to register but getting "undefined". Send emails, support tickets but still do not receive any help. This is just an example how hard it is to be bought this application and get stuck with. Requesting a support assistance is like playing lotto because you never know if Boonex help team will respond. if they respond you don't how it will take them. I badly need that feature to be working now. But no help is coming to save me
Nathan Paton
My licenses are missing, but for an entirely different reason.
Hi Mike,

could you help me getting a (by mistake) deleted licence back, which would be related to my website ?
My permanent license is showing, I have entered on site but it is not registering. , cleared, saved, relogged in and reentered it, did the url open thing, also allowed boonex website url. Please help as I need footers off asap. Thank you.
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