Hi Andrew, here's our feedback:

We have seen a huge drop in sales ever since this new version
came into place. And we think the direct reason is the Market. It's hard for our customers to
find the product. For e.g. if someone clicks "Most Popular", it shows top products with "7 reviews",
"5 reviews" etc. We think the "Most Popular" category should respect the reviews and sort the entries
based on the number of positive reviews for the product.

Same see more thing applies when someone searches for a product e.g. Facebook. It should sort the entries based on
number of reviews the product has received. The whole idea of reviews is that the customers gets the best
product based on the feedback received by previous buyers.

The old version had a much cleaner interface for the Market and I think it was easier to find products which
hold strong ratings.

Hope you take this seriously as it's affecting our business a lot.

Andrew Boon
Yes, we will see how else we could push the high-rated products.
My friend after paying a licence fee for life. I cannot receive the help I signed for. None of the widget can be registered. I am receiving undefined message. How you can not help people who pay you a money. Please help
The same for me....we have seen a huge drop in sales with this new version
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