As I said before, this layout isn't motivating me anymore to read ...

Besides that, I have the impression that some people who I knew here 3 or 4 years ago, have gone. So forums aren't interesting either, because they don't offer solutions for problems anymore, as they did in the past.

I think business has taken over friendship and good fellowship.

Pity ...
I hate the new design. It is hard to read, follows no known conventions as far as page to page viewing and has a ton of small little bugs. Here's one: someone sends a message to me, i see it in the upper menu,. I click on the messages link to open it, I see a snippet of the message but cannot actually open the message from there. I have to navigate around for a while until I stumble on the extended messages link so I cab actually open it and read it.

It is poorly thought out with not nearly enough see more contrast for older viewers. I also felt the Older unity site had a certain panache to the it's look that made it distinctly Boonex, that has been completely lost on the new look.

I used to stop in every day to see what was up. No longer, now i only come when I need to solve a problem or I need something. I also think the market is even worse than it was before. Actually finding something in it is like searching for a needle in an all white with black text haystack.
i think u re making sense
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