Andrew Boon
It is important to separate Administrators from what we call Engineers. Admin is going to be just a membership role with super-moderation permissions. Admin won't have access to Studio or anything that changes the site. Admin will only be able to manage content.

Engineer will have access to Dolphin Studio. As you can see there's an arrow on the right side of the "disabled" Photos module, which is still active and leads to the module management page. So, it should be possible to tweak see more settings of a disabled module.
This seems realy interesting.
This platform will allow the engineer team to work on the core features and what not of Dolphin where as the administrators will administrate the site (moderate, ban, suspend, manage content etc.)

I think this was noted quite some time ago that this is the framework that makes dolphin what it is and its something you're releasing to the public.
Andrew Boon
Exactly right. Administration, per se, has nothing to do with site setup, development and modification - it has to be separated. This will also allow appointing multiple admins and no necessarily with any knowledge of the platform.
And with that, that explains why the backend wont be like what we are used to.
So content and moderation will happen on the front end so to speak meaning they see everything everyone else sees but just additional options.

And because the Engineering side is the site's framework and is the core for the site that's why it has to be seperated.
I think this alone is the first of all social platforms that allows developers to use the framework that makes up the social software itself where as other see more companies keep their development framework locked.
Andrew Boon
Yes, all correct. :) This change alone excites me the most. Admin should generally wanter around the site and have embedded moderation features if needed. That's more intuitive. This is how we had it in Trident (and here on and now want to bring it to Dolphin.
This will be a great way for Admins to stay connected with their users and make moderations and postings much faster.
I'm assuming with this platform being developed the way it is will require less server requirements?
Will this new Admin setting be white labeled?
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