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Andrew Boon posted 6th of June 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 27 comments.

One important question raised about Sundance was about whether it would become more modular. The answer is a big fat yes. We are hunting for every relevant group of functionality and moving it away as an extension. Things like banners, mailbox, etc are all being separated. Sundance core is going to be A LOT smaller than that of Hookie.

Extensions Management

Modules are part of what we call "Extensions". They are supported in Hookie, but the new version will take them to the next level. One notable improvement that we're working on is the ability to "enable/disable" installed extensions without losing their accumulated data. This is very important, because it would allow more flexibility in updating parts of your site without disrupting operation of the entire system. This is as good as gets for a solution to any woes related to upgrades of modified Dolphin sites. 

Here is how it is supposed to work in Dolphin Studio (the setup panel, not to be confused with "admin"):

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Nathan Paton
Is this an actual screenshot, or some kind of mockup? I don't know which to selest as my decision.

I do like the idea of making all features into modules, especially profiles. If you can also settle the dependency problem, this could become a great feature.
Andrew Boon
We "draw" these as design orders for developers. So, this 99% accurate representation of what you will see in reality.
Nice concept to enable/disable.
Will administrators be able to work on modules that are installed but disabled?
Would it be a good idea to allow that as it allows administrators and any persons in that role to customize features and just enable them when they're ready?
This would allow as you stated for all data to remain in tact.
Andrew Boon
It is important to separate Administrators from what we call Engineers. Admin is going to be just a membership role with super-moderation permissions. Admin won't have access to Studio or anything that changes the site. Admin will only be able to manage content.

Engineer will have access to Dolphin Studio. As you can see there's an arrow on the right side of the "disabled" Photos module, which is still active and leads to the module management page. So, it should be possible to tweak see more settings of a disabled module.
This seems realy interesting.
This platform will allow the engineer team to work on the core features and what not of Dolphin where as the administrators will administrate the site (moderate, ban, suspend, manage content etc.)

I think this was noted quite some time ago that this is the framework that makes dolphin what it is and its something you're releasing to the public.
Andrew Boon
Exactly right. Administration, per se, has nothing to do with site setup, development and modification - it has to be separated. This will also allow appointing multiple admins and no necessarily with any knowledge of the platform.
And with that, that explains why the backend wont be like what we are used to.
So content and moderation will happen on the front end so to speak meaning they see everything everyone else sees but just additional options.

And because the Engineering side is the site's framework and is the core for the site that's why it has to be seperated.
I think this alone is the first of all social platforms that allows developers to use the framework that makes up the social software itself where as other see more companies keep their development framework locked.
Andrew Boon
Yes, all correct. :) This change alone excites me the most. Admin should generally wanter around the site and have embedded moderation features if needed. That's more intuitive. This is how we had it in Trident (and here on BoonEx.com) and now want to bring it to Dolphin.
This will be a great way for Admins to stay connected with their users and make moderations and postings much faster.
I'm assuming with this platform being developed the way it is will require less server requirements?
Will this new Admin setting be white labeled?
Great idea i totally like it ... Also great look now i cant wait .,
I have only one question ,, will ray be updated ??
Andrew Boon
The answer is yes, but not so much updated as replaced by new components, with less dependance on Flash.
Retiring flash with HTML5 where it can be embedded?
ideas are cool...
but it would be nice if D8 can run alone with basic features[out of the box] for atleast 12 months.

it would be really nice if boonex can define what module can be integrated or evloved of the D8.
D7 can be an open market software...
say, i can buy any module and install any module on D7

where D8 would be great if it is like a licensed product...
where i cant buy any mods on my own but boonex will release mods(paid, free) for D8 every month.
that would be very very tested see more and stable for the D8 Eco-system.

if i am allowed to buy any mod from market i buy abc mod and shout template is not good, D8 is not good. this and that is not working... which will have a forever debate of clueless bug support wars.

if i want a super duper flexible "open source" website D7 is there
if i want a simple super strong and robust platform D8 is a GO!

i love this strategy...

Maybe Modzz like developer can partner with Boonex and release a Full package $5000 dating website with all his mods... which will be a product of Modzzz and you are not allowed to buy xyz devloper's mods and install in his product. thus the quality of the product is maintained.

or if u are smarter webmaster, download free dolphin and you create your own mods and buy any mods from market... its YOUR product :)

so, there would be a Full suite package from Boonex for XYZ$, Full Community package from Modzzz for jkl$, Full facebook clone package from ilbellodelweb for abc$.

thats the choice of a healthy product lineup...
if Boonex wants to be opensource "free dolphin"
Go Linux way...
Download Free linux or Download Paid RedHat...

Lets run a serious business here...
You said:
For you it's a future product, for us it's our current everyday job. We have already spent a few weeks working on Sundance with great results and although many aspects are still undecided we already feel confident about how much it is going to change everything that we know about using Dolphin.
But now you say:
We "draw" these as design orders for developers. So, this 99% accurate representation of what you will see in reality.
My conclusion, correct me if I´m wrong, is that see more this is to be done, YET. Hence, how come have you been working on Sundance "with great results..."?
Andrew Boon
That's because this particular drawing is not part of the "results" as much as it is a part of the plan development. This isn't the entire Sundance. There're some parts that are already done and that we quite like, hence my comment. Moreover - normally it takes us more time to figure out those "drawings" than actually implement them, because initial decision making has to consider too many factors to proceed. This is a universal software, not a painting - it has to take weeks see more of planning and hours of coding to appear.
Will the permissions for the different membership levels be more refined or will the system you have now stay in place? At the moment its pretty badly set out with a long list of checkboxes that must be reviewed per level of membership. It would be simpler to group the different permissions under say the module name with the possibility of disabling or enabling a module based on membership with just one tick or having a dropdown with more refined control of different parts of that module.

This see more would make them easier to find and go through with maybe a checkbox for each level under next to each permission.

I will say it again since there has not been a reply to my question yet. As it stands now, there is no way of preventing standard members from reading emails. For a paying site, this is a major problem as it makes for a good incentive for standard members to upgrade if they want to be able to read emails they get from other members that have upgraded.

From an upgraded point of view, there is no way of informing them that the member they are emailing is standard or upgraded. If the member happens to be standard then if they don't reply, and the upgraded member doesn't know this then they might think they have been ignored making the site less successful in their eyes. If they received a pop up or warning of some sort saying that the member they have emailed is a standard member and can only read and reply if they choose to upgrade then that would be better than nothing at all.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we're working on the new membership system layout now. Will post some details about it later.
I've seen this before ... Cloudflare is using the same kind of setup panel.
when is this coming out? are we going to pay for this again for those of us who have the license?is this going to interrupted normal dolphin? i cant wait to see this
guys this a big blow.after buy all this mod,mehh this is not a good business
I have always wanted to ask this question. Is there any chance of having auto-upgrading or one click upgrade? I mean within the admin without having to download and upload the script. I'm talking about a system like the one used in wordpress.
i am ready to sacrifice my virginity in case you can tell when is this thing releasing lol
every time i read this ... which i have done 100+ times, my stomach gets upset like when is this coming out X_X
it is interesting and of course good ideal. SO I like your new vison andrew. But how far are we to this to be actually done. You overhaul dolphin every 2 years...so every two years we hear evolution, bigges step forward, biggest update ever but the thing is that always current version is still full of bugs. If I was you I was first fix most bugs on current version and than make that big makeovers . Im frustrated as I was getting my site close for live production site with every version from 7.0 and see more was waiting over year to 7.1 update now I have to prepare for another 1-2years of waiting ? This scheme have to stop at certain point and somne of versions have to be really finished so it will be usable...
Hi Andrew,

Do you have any realistic date for the release of "Sundance"? Reading the product description it looks really good and I'm really eager to use it. I feel that my current D7 version it's missing too many of these standard social functionalities that you can find now find on many other platforms. And hopefully you are going to keep SIMPLICITY as one of the main features of Sundance.....!
Andrew Boon,

Have you thought about implementing ilbellodelweb mods like the Spwall,3 colum, 1 colum, mega profile, and Photo deluxe in the core of the Dolphin Studio. I feel his mods are a must have for any dolphin website. it would be great if they were a default application on the new Dolphin Studio. What you think?
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