You said:
For you it's a future product, for us it's our current everyday job. We have already spent a few weeks working on Sundance with great results and although many aspects are still undecided we already feel confident about how much it is going to change everything that we know about using Dolphin.
But now you say:
We "draw" these as design orders for developers. So, this 99% accurate representation of what you will see in reality.
My conclusion, correct me if I´m wrong, is that see more this is to be done, YET. Hence, how come have you been working on Sundance "with great results..."?
Andrew Boon
That's because this particular drawing is not part of the "results" as much as it is a part of the plan development. This isn't the entire Sundance. There're some parts that are already done and that we quite like, hence my comment. Moreover - normally it takes us more time to figure out those "drawings" than actually implement them, because initial decision making has to consider too many factors to proceed. This is a universal software, not a painting - it has to take weeks see more of planning and hours of coding to appear.
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