Will the permissions for the different membership levels be more refined or will the system you have now stay in place? At the moment its pretty badly set out with a long list of checkboxes that must be reviewed per level of membership. It would be simpler to group the different permissions under say the module name with the possibility of disabling or enabling a module based on membership with just one tick or having a dropdown with more refined control of different parts of that module.

This see more would make them easier to find and go through with maybe a checkbox for each level under next to each permission.

I will say it again since there has not been a reply to my question yet. As it stands now, there is no way of preventing standard members from reading emails. For a paying site, this is a major problem as it makes for a good incentive for standard members to upgrade if they want to be able to read emails they get from other members that have upgraded.

From an upgraded point of view, there is no way of informing them that the member they are emailing is standard or upgraded. If the member happens to be standard then if they don't reply, and the upgraded member doesn't know this then they might think they have been ignored making the site less successful in their eyes. If they received a pop up or warning of some sort saying that the member they have emailed is a standard member and can only read and reply if they choose to upgrade then that would be better than nothing at all.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we're working on the new membership system layout now. Will post some details about it later.
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