Andrew Boon
Suggestions that don't get included into the main version are normally those that can't, for some reason, be included. So, the D8 is an attempt to reassess the core to make way for more changes. same applies to some of the mods - we discussed how we plan to include so of the commercial mods into the core, as soon it is ready to accomodate.
Wait that makes no sense Andrew,your statement "Suggestions that don't get included into the main version are normally those that can't, for some reason, be included".

If your developers can not do it , then how can they create mods that do it? Developers, even some of yours that say they can't do it, manage to do it, and charge a hefty price!

I take offense to that statement Andrew. We are NOT children, we are (maybe were now) loyal members that have been with Dolphin for a long see more long time! Stop speaking to us like we are children, or stupid and do not read between the lines! I think you can see after all the back lashing that has happened lately, that we are getting fed up with the run around a mutiny is knocking on your front door!
Andrew, in reading CalTrades responses here, what I gather from him is that its not that there are suggestions being requested from BoonEx specifically. What is being referenced here is the fact that there are those in the community who have done the legwork, and who have provided the sourcecode and the lines where that code should be placed. So if the patch or fix is provided from a community member, how is it that these fixes are not implemented into the next patched version?

The forum, which see more is supposed to be part of the Dolphin platform and is running under one license agreement for banner and branding removal, has been discussed from Dolphin 6. The fix has been discussed many times in the forums.

Futher where you make your statement that suggestions that dont get included into the main version are normally those that cant for some reason. if they cant be included, then what is the reason, and why are these reasons not expressed to the community, and not just ignored. or find that the primary developers for dolphin are releasing these functions as a paid solution in the market?

there are many FREE fixes that are provided by the community members, and those fixes are proven to work, yet each time there is an upgrade, those fixes have to be reapplied because the contributed works are not included in the core, which was missing the feature. case in point is the ability to have a php block.
Like, why Deanos tools are not included or atleast adapted in the core. When Deanos can provide a mod for free i think he will be glad to know that his mod is going to be a part of the core in the future Dolphin.

if one can make a difference, when 100 devs are ready D8 will be phenomenal.
Nathan Paton
I don't think Deanos Tools itself should be implemented (it's a module), but it's features should definitely be included in the core product.

I don't usually use third-party mods and modules, but when I do, I always look towards Deano's offerings. His modules have shown that there are some noticeable holes in Dolphin's default feature set.
Sure, Deanos tools should be a core implementations. unlike other modders, Deanos is Admin centric, which is of a great use to site-admins.
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