you know, in reading this, i consider this to be a legitimate question. lets consider MrP here for a moment. at his age, it was never expected nor anticipated that he would exit this world. it happened. and it happens every day.

so for those of you to consider this question childish or stupid, then you are missing out on life, because with life comes death.

there are no stated officers, that would operate BoonEx, and clearly Julia would not be in a position to continue the efforts.

Andrew, see more to consider dolphin self-sustainable at any point is a far-fetched idea, there is no reality in such an anticipation.

Andrew Boon
It's a good question, indeed. As for "stated officers" - there's a plan, it just doesn't have to be public.

Self-sustainable Dolphin is absolutely possible, should the need ever arise. There is a lot of work to do to make it happen though, I understand.
well good Andrew, glad there is in fact a plan. i felt that the question was legitimate and there were others slamming the member for asking. i can almost garauntee that there was never any consideration in the loss of one of our greatest members and friends from this community. i felt the question deserved an answer, and not the ridicule that was doled out by some.

you are correct Andrew, your business does not have to be made public, but the inquiry came about, and you have now answered diligently, see more in stating that there is a plan. just knowing there is a plan, is enough to satisfy the inquiry i would tend to believe.
thanks once again,i ask this question because i want my site be like facebook,so am just asking to know how secure my site and other members is but is very ugly some see it as childish question anyway i don't care,my DosDawg i will like to see your site
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