If i didnt have kids that used it i wouldnt have a facebook account at all. I would say ditch it dolphin because the facebook api changes way to often and then will not get patched in dolphin until the next release so it only works half the time anyway.

Now when i was on a microsoft social network project when there was a bug or new api change reported they would fix it within 30 minutes and have a patch ready and also create a new download of say dolphin 7.0.6 zip the same night. This way there see more are only like 2 people that downloaded the old version and 200 people downloaded the working verison.

i think you at boonex should adopt this as well. If someone reports a bug or you fix a bug that very same day you should rebuild the download even if its just changeing a div tag someplace. This way there is not 1000 people yelling something dont work in the forums as they do now. Sure there is the SVN but not all boonex users know how to use it. You should really think about adopting this method. Only takes 5 minutes to build and upload a new zip for download.
Excellent points Jay. I never, ever use words like "heartbreaking" but with Dolphin I use it all the time. They have horribly serious bugs that stay there for months and months, until people just scream. I keep finding serious bugs now six versions later that for some reason no one else finds - for example the recent one where the photo upload doesn't work if you have profile moderation. Since Boonex only cares about future development - the fun stuff, we get stuck with systems that see more don't work for practically years on end.
Andrew Boon
We do plan to approach it in a slightly different way. Dolphin 8 should have separate updates for modules that would come out as soon as even small bugs are fixed. This would allow separate parts that need to be updating and the core won't have to be updated too frequently. Much like when you update iPhone OS every few months and apps as soon as their updates are available.
Andrew Boon
Just wanted to add that frequent updates of the core is not a good idea - simply because we don't want to keep people updating their sites every day.
Well thats sort of the point i was trying to make with rebuilding the every time a bug was fixed in svn. When a new user comes to boonex and downloads the zip file it would have the new bugs fixed in it. That way only a handful of people would need to update there sites...

You could also place an update tab in the new studio and have it check the svn for REV. # for new fixes and have it wget the new fixed files and rename the old files it replaces and let the users pick if they see more want to update or not.... But now that i think of it while writing this it has nothing to do with the topic so i'll leave it at that.
Andrew Boon
Unlike desktop app or very simple web apps, Dolphin is very sensitive to server setup, so auto-update for the entire system would fail very often. I'm not ruling out this opportunity, but we'll start with separate module updates first.
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