As many other important CMSs in the world already do from years, would be necessary just to use the SAME DB tables, the SAME variables, the SAME way to call scripts etc.. etc.. I do not see any reason why they should change everything in the code again. Then if you r talking about modules that do modify the core of Dolphin, that is not something you can report to Boonex, but something that should be reported to the developers of those mods. I have NEVER seen in my life Joomla modules that require see more code changes, even the worst ones, maybe there are some, but really it would be new for me! YEs Boonex has some issues when releasing new versions, maybe a framework will be better =D, but when you buy a module, you should be sure that it does not modify the core. IF it does then you must be aware of the fact that you will have many problems, as you would have many problems if you were using Joomla, Drupal or whatever. Modules should be indipendent. Maybe with some hooks we will be able to better communicate with the core, and make it better without editing directly the files. As for me, I will never make a mod that will change the default code. So ask to the developers before buying a module. It is better for you and for your pocket! =D Bye
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