why is Dolphin giving us headache and heartbreak

coolnaija posted 14th of June 2011 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

i was shocked when Andrew boon posted that post about D8 is not as if am not happy,but am not happy when i understand that they re going to redevelop D8 into somethingelse,this keep getting to my head,what about the old,i expect them to revovation but not in this manner,am just even confused and stressed up because i have spent alot of money and time on my site.Now am even have fear of buying mods till they D8 IS OUT

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it needs to be a requirement that D* is compatible with the d7 mods.
Nathan Paton
That's a bad idea, as it'd mean possible stagnation in favor of supporting older mods.

BoonEx should keep third-party developers in mind when developing a new version, but it's also up to the developer to make sure their mods continue to work with the latest (and upcoming) versions.
Welcome to our world. Many of us have been here for a few years and still can't get a software that actually works enough to use it and make a great website, spent lots of money on mods and now unusable! Boonex says they don't use Dolphin cause of the Market section. BULL, they don't use it cause it is half done like all their other releases!
Nathan Paton
I'd hope they continue work on Dolphin 7 until it's as problem-free as possible before moving onto a new major version. I wouldn't mind the two co-existing for a while if it meant they were committed to it.
As many other important CMSs in the world already do from years, would be necessary just to use the SAME DB tables, the SAME variables, the SAME way to call scripts etc.. etc.. I do not see any reason why they should change everything in the code again. Then if you r talking about modules that do modify the core of Dolphin, that is not something you can report to Boonex, but something that should be reported to the developers of those mods. I have NEVER seen in my life Joomla modules that require see more code changes, even the worst ones, maybe there are some, but really it would be new for me! YEs Boonex has some issues when releasing new versions, maybe a framework will be better =D, but when you buy a module, you should be sure that it does not modify the core. IF it does then you must be aware of the fact that you will have many problems, as you would have many problems if you were using Joomla, Drupal or whatever. Modules should be indipendent. Maybe with some hooks we will be able to better communicate with the core, and make it better without editing directly the files. As for me, I will never make a mod that will change the default code. So ask to the developers before buying a module. It is better for you and for your pocket! =D Bye
There is a book on business planning called "Business Plans that make $$$" - it was written long ago, but is still really relevant. It has this great chapter called "What do you want to be when you grow up" and makes the point that company owners can have all sorts of objectives - not just making money or making a great product. Some company owners want to essentially be "owner inventors". They want their company so they can have their own private "research see more lab" where they can play around and experiment. That describes the situation at Boonex I think. The want to do the fun stuff - new development, not the boring stuff like bug fixing. I think there is a near consensus here that we want D7 to be a stable product before they move on to any radical redesigns.
Dont buy Mods then...
Stick with Boonex Dolphin alone...
post your requirements in ideas and suggestions in trac...
Nathan Paton
What if they need something different for their site, like a new module or an enhancement of a default feature?
Well ppl cant own 1986 chevy with customs and complain about upgraded mod compatibility on to 2011 hybrid
see more@coolnaija
dont be disheartened...

Your D7 will work as long as boonex supports
your D7 mods will work as long as the mod developer "alive" "awake" to respond you

D8 is different approach...
dont carry your D7 concepts and likings to D8
live happily on D7 itself as it is a good stable release as of now...
look forward for D7 updates from boonex as usual...

if you ever wanted to build a new community with different approach opt for D8
until then dont get scared...
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