It's about popularity and money. Even if it is simple or sucks it doesn't matter. One might cater to the current trend. Remember myspace, we had a bunch of dolphin mods for myspace a few years ago. Now they are dead or do not exist. Will facebook continue to dominate and be the leader? Who knows only time will tell. The regular users that are not tuned into web site developement don't care. They just want their facebook and twitter. I wouldn't base all of my work on it, because as history suggests see more it is just a matter of time. You really need to come up with something that can compete with facebook and twitter even if you don't agree with them like myself. The majority of the world can't live without them at the current time so what do you do. It will be a tricky situation with facebook and twitter types right now.
Andrew Boon
Exactly right. That's the sentiment that made me post this in the first place. FB is important, big, etc... but it's a trend anyway. It'll go. We started community software development before FB appeared, even before MySpace became popular. We started in Friendster times and it was thought to be a big deal back than. All in all, I am leaning towards mostly 3rd party integrations while keeping Dolphin a clean-core.
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