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He was probably talking about the upgrade procedure in WordPress where you just overwrite everything. It is pretty cool. He also has a point about the carriage returns - that has been a problem in the blogs also for every version of D7. It has been fixed by the user community, but like so many others problems like that, Boonex never bothered to put it in the code so it is something we have to fix each version.
Andrew Boon
Is there a ticket for that carriage thing?

Wp auto-update feature seldom works. Your installation has to be unmodified and server settings must comply to very specific requirements. I for one have never been able to get it working. Now, Dolphin is more sophisticated, it also has media server and bigger list of server requirements. It would take some good luck to make auto-update work. Otherwise it's not awfully hard to add this feature. We just never though it's a good idea.
Wrong. WP works on a FAR more configurations. Personally I run it on Apache, NGINX, LiteSpeed with PHP4 and PHP5, with CGI, suPHP or fastCGI. Come on, don't make us laugh nor challenge us to start being ironic.
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