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razva posted 22nd of June 2011 in Community Voice. 26 comments.

Until today I didn't wrote any post. Or note. Or comments. I'm here, silently waiting. I started using Dolphin from v5. But I had enough. Sorry Andrew, I can't take it no more. Please look and learn from WordPress. I'm with them from v0 till now, and I'll be with them until v9999. I never had to hire a programmer to upgrade/update with WP. It always was a matter of 3 clicks or upload/overwrite/go to install folder, click the big button. Upgrading Dolphin is a bet you can easely loose. It's a "fingers crossed" based solution. Migrating from 5 to 6 was almost imposible. Moving from 6 to 7 was a living hell. Now I must think at upgrading from 7 to 8 "soon". Usually this soon is 1 year. Sorry Andrew, you are like those teleshopping guys. "Trust me, this product is brand new!". "Trust me, this is not evolution, it's revolution". Sorry Andrew, you are a bad project manager. I'm dropping Dolphin. Good bye! P.S.: even this darn editor is not working properly. I edited this note from an iDevice, inserting spaces/paragraphs. These spaces appear only when editing the note, but the entire article appears in just one long phrase after being submitted. Oh, don't tell me that the problem is from Safari. Your website should be optimised for all devices/browsers. This is just another example of buggy software released as stable when it should in alpha stage. Adios!


Later edit: I'm switching to phpFox 3.

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Knock knock....... who's there?.....Mutiny......I do not blame you a bit, I to am ready to move on, enough is enough.
Lightwolf, you are always threatening to leave. You never do....
You will see it soon. This is not a threat...Seasons change and so do As for upgrading, not happening. But we can only take so much before something has to change, and I guess it wont be Dolphin, so guess the time has come for it to be me. And yes I have said I would leave before, but stayed in hope that things would change. Anyways, your opinion or anyone else is on here for that matter about me leaving, really doesn't mean anything to me, so will leave it at
Nathan Paton
I could have sworn you left for the shamrocks.
Oh wou wou wou. Calm down guys. Wordpress is another thing, totally different, supported by thousands of people around the world. Wordpress is also much simpler in a development point of view. We do not have in Wordpress all what we have in Dolphin. With wordpress you can make a blog or a multi-user blog, but will you have chat? video-chat? messagging systems? and etc.. etc.. etc.. I think not. Yes I like wordpress too. It is a good product. But before blaming Dolphin and Adrew Boonex you should see more take a while to think about what you r saying. Yes Dolphin has bugs, issues etc.. and it is not always easy to manage. But are aware of how many features are there? Can you realize the work that is behind this CMS? Would you really compare a Blog system like Wordpress is with a Social Utility like Dolphin is? Sometimes you come here and say "Wou, this does not work, then Adios". This is not the right way to act. If you want a 100% bug-free software, the hire a TEAM of developers for at least 2 years. Give to them at least $2000 per month and have them working on your Social Network for 9 hours per day. Then you can say "Wou, it does not work, you are all fired". But with Dolphin, you are having a very good product for free, with TONS of features. I repeat FOR FREE! Yes you will have to pay a license if you will want to remove the Boonex brand. But how much would you pay to have the same software made from the scratch??? Can you realize that?? As I already stated somewhere else, every software needs fixes, every software needs development. And if you are going to have a ocial network, you will ALWAYS need at least one developer working for you full-time. If you think to spend $100 for having a social network, and then leave it as it is, then you are totally wrong! Do not blame Dolphin.- Blame yourself, if you want a social network for $100 and think.."Is there any site in the world that became famous with $100 as budget?".."How much I will spend to have the same features made from the scratch? (maybe more than $50.000)".."Is there any site in the world with all those features that can live without at least a developer working on it full-time?"..Give the answers to those questions, and you will have the answer for yourself. Bye
Yes, WordPress doesn't has a ton of features. Has two tons, including video chat, etc etc. Yes, they are plugins made by thirds. Still, in all my "wp life" i've combined a lot of plugins with WP and it worked flawless.

Dolphin is a BIG mess, and this cannot be excused. Andrew told that v7 was "totally new", "from scratch", etc. Now we hear this again, but with 8. I suppose it will happen with 9, 10, 11. Cross my heart! Sounds familiar? :)
You said that right "made by thirds". Dolphin has all of that made by Boonex itself and not by many "thirds"..this is why we should excuse if we find some bugs and not always complain.
If thirds are the solution, than why not develop a base and encourage devs to build this base? Obviously the way things work right now are not the best solution.
Well this is something that could be discussed
Yes. But in my opinion this discussion is far to late. Lack of vision?
Andrew Boon
Pity to see you leaving. I wish Dolphin was as easy as WP to develop.
He was probably talking about the upgrade procedure in WordPress where you just overwrite everything. It is pretty cool. He also has a point about the carriage returns - that has been a problem in the blogs also for every version of D7. It has been fixed by the user community, but like so many others problems like that, Boonex never bothered to put it in the code so it is something we have to fix each version.
Andrew Boon
Is there a ticket for that carriage thing?

Wp auto-update feature seldom works. Your installation has to be unmodified and server settings must comply to very specific requirements. I for one have never been able to get it working. Now, Dolphin is more sophisticated, it also has media server and bigger list of server requirements. It would take some good luck to make auto-update work. Otherwise it's not awfully hard to add this feature. We just never though it's a good idea.
Wrong. WP works on a FAR more configurations. Personally I run it on Apache, NGINX, LiteSpeed with PHP4 and PHP5, with CGI, suPHP or fastCGI. Come on, don't make us laugh nor challenge us to start being ironic.
Andrew...every script is as easy to develop as the programmer programs the script. Having a script difficult to develop has only one "guilty" person.

If I were in your shoes I would start from scratch. You said that you'll start from scratch with 8. The problem is that you said this with 6 and with 7. So nobody, including me, trusts you any more.

Yeah, Wordpress is a breeze compared to Dolphin. I have several WP sites that have gone through the last 3 major version updates. They all have lots of modules and custom templates. Each upgrade was two clicks.. the first click updates the files and the second updates the database. The updates don't touch the template or the modules so nothing is broken.
PPL who "hate" cant live happily :(
PPL who "love" will live happily forever :)

WE know Boonex Dolphin HAS bugs...
and as i know Andrew Boon is not an incarnation of Cris Angel to do mindfreak...

thats why we are taught to PRAY!!!
Pray that everything that will happen in right time is for Good :)
See the big picture Boonex 1.0 til Boonex 8.0[foresight]
We certainly have evolved...
Love it, Live it...
if you have any best expertise with you? dont blog here, just keep see more yourself busy in trac
because as from my experience i have never seen anything happen magically everytime when a user shouts "Damn i got the BSOD again"
wait for the next release ...
till then live a beautiful life :)

@lightwolf Dont quit! Boonex saves wolves not only dolphin :)
well I think razva and lightwolf pointing to a bit different thing. They point to thing that from very first version of dolphin no one ... I say again not on..e of versions and even 6 or 7 was finished to really usable stage for live site. AT every stege andrew stop it just before really stable version and jump to next version which involve too many new things = many new bugs, many moths of waiting, many troubles with upgrading. Its of course truth that there is no bug free software, bugs are always see more and everywhere and its neverending process but boonex should compete at least verrsion 7 to stage which is really most stable and all core functions working. Many people has been pissed off by recent announcement that 7.1 will be not released and instead boonex start working on d8. People was pissed because many was waiting over year to 7.1 including me and now we heading another year to d8 and another year to bughunting so we are bacicly at stage ...wait another 2 years ...and than what.,.. before d8 raise to similar stage as its d7 now andrew jump on d9 because after 2 years will be new html, new css, new explorer etc... SO I think people are mainly frustrated as d7.1 was stoopped and this happenning with every version over again ... same with 6 same with 5 .... I still have some hope with recent week bughunt blog was released that maybe andrew calmed down with d8 hype a bit and decided to fix most of old bugs now. Lets see what happen next days... if its another hype thing or if boonex really decided to fix most of remaining most important bugs..lets see

YObilab: Well actually joomla with jomsocial is basicly dolphin as it have most of features. Joomla is free and jomsocial cost around 100 usd so similar like dolphin and u can use it on unlimited sites for that price with year upgrade access..I use it on some sites which ai originally intended to use with dolphoi and its pretty stable, updates are done very quickly... one click auto update and it install within 2 minutes, also perfectly running on shared hosts. SOme missing features like videochat can be added by various components for joomla etc...
You are right!!!
But Dolphin aint Joomla

Joomla is like Google [best]
Dolphin is like Bing [better not the best]

Joomla is the best because majority of the websites run on that
Dolphin is new and its approach is slightly different.

but boonex would have thought the D1 to D7 is not as good as D8 [thats fact]

XP is a good OS, but Microsoft has ended the support for XP :)
D6 was good, not as good as D7
D7 will never be as best as D8 [I hope so]

I see, the problem is not with see more the Dolphin package on 100%
mods too :)
i have downloaded "MANY" mods and tried to install using boonex mod installer
99% never worked

if modders follow boonex code principles and do release a good mod there would have been a possible solution for the smooth upgrades now.

Maybe Boonex should have ODC in India soon, no right now!!!
i agree with you razwa,
believe or not Worpress is really easy to update, very easy to intall mod, very very search engine friendsly.
Dolphin is still far away from success
Until now, i'm still thinking, WHY BOONEX NOT LEARN FROM WORDPRESS?
dolphin will be the best on next, not now, not yet,
we.. i really think coimparing dolphin to wordpress isnt very good idea. As I posted better comparsion would be to joomla with jomsocial as those two components together are very close to dolphin
Which next? I assisted at 3 nexts until now :) That's the reason for me to flee.
Actually, i still doubt with the word of 'next'.
How long?
Will it be?

But i don't want to leave, i'm just waiting, better than leave, waiting for boonex product that sound like amazing coding,
we can do another thing while waiting,
I hope something change? :)
i hope just a little bug on next release. Does boonex try their own product before it release?
"Until today I didn't wrote any post. Or note. Or comments. I'm here, silently waiting. I started using Dolphin from v5. But I had enough"

There's your problem. Sitting on the fence and letting everybody else contribute for your benefit whilst you do nothing to help improve Dolphin.

'Nuff said'
newbie here. I am loving dolphin but need to be rich if you want some customized site online. Some people here just talk with who can pay. lol...
I will need to pay someone to change layout and menu, just because Dolphin does not have this option. Should be nice to be able to browser some layouts and Customizable templates, then user just select it to change it for free. A default service in dashboard.
Dolphin can give support to builder/designer be able to create Templates based in layouts see more that would not cause any troubles during a dolphin upgrades (that will be automaticaly auto-install wow). Well, I am a user and if WP is not so complicated as Dolphin, believe me, Dolphin is not complicated as SL. There I learned that everybody is giving the best they can, waiting more they can have now, blaming server, blaming company... but people don´t leave because of all problems. Usually they leave ´cause they don´t know how to lead with them..
In the future, sorry, still more lot of buys and more fixes and more upgrades. It stops when the company closes.
Hey razva, don´t go...Things can get worst but still better than before. Go Dolphin! Go!
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