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newbie here. I am loving dolphin but need to be rich if you want some customized site online. Some people here just talk with who can pay. lol...
I will need to pay someone to change layout and menu, just because Dolphin does not have this option. Should be nice to be able to browser some layouts and Customizable templates, then user just select it to change it for free. A default service in dashboard.
Dolphin can give support to builder/designer be able to create Templates based in layouts see more that would not cause any troubles during a dolphin upgrades (that will be automaticaly auto-install wow). Well, I am a user and if WP is not so complicated as Dolphin, believe me, Dolphin is not complicated as SL. There I learned that everybody is giving the best they can, waiting more they can have now, blaming server, blaming company... but people don´t leave because of all problems. Usually they leave ´cause they don´t know how to lead with them..
In the future, sorry, still more lot of buys and more fixes and more upgrades. It stops when the company closes.
Hey razva, don´t go...Things can get worst but still better than before. Go Dolphin! Go!
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