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You are right!!!
But Dolphin aint Joomla

Joomla is like Google [best]
Dolphin is like Bing [better not the best]

Joomla is the best because majority of the websites run on that
Dolphin is new and its approach is slightly different.

but boonex would have thought the D1 to D7 is not as good as D8 [thats fact]

XP is a good OS, but Microsoft has ended the support for XP :)
D6 was good, not as good as D7
D7 will never be as best as D8 [I hope so]

I see, the problem is not with see more the Dolphin package on 100%
mods too :)
i have downloaded "MANY" mods and tried to install using boonex mod installer
99% never worked

if modders follow boonex code principles and do release a good mod there would have been a possible solution for the smooth upgrades now.

Maybe Boonex should have ODC in India soon, no right now!!!
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