In reply to Good bye Boonex
PPL who "hate" cant live happily :(
PPL who "love" will live happily forever :)

WE know Boonex Dolphin HAS bugs...
and as i know Andrew Boon is not an incarnation of Cris Angel to do mindfreak...

thats why we are taught to PRAY!!!
Pray that everything that will happen in right time is for Good :)
See the big picture Boonex 1.0 til Boonex 8.0[foresight]
We certainly have evolved...
Love it, Live it...
if you have any best expertise with you? dont blog here, just keep see more yourself busy in trac
because as from my experience i have never seen anything happen magically everytime when a user shouts "Damn i got the BSOD again"
wait for the next release ...
till then live a beautiful life :)

@lightwolf Dont quit! Boonex saves wolves not only dolphin :)
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