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well I think razva and lightwolf pointing to a bit different thing. They point to thing that from very first version of dolphin no one ... I say again not on..e of versions and even 6 or 7 was finished to really usable stage for live site. AT every stege andrew stop it just before really stable version and jump to next version which involve too many new things = many new bugs, many moths of waiting, many troubles with upgrading. Its of course truth that there is no bug free software, bugs are always see more and everywhere and its neverending process but boonex should compete at least verrsion 7 to stage which is really most stable and all core functions working. Many people has been pissed off by recent announcement that 7.1 will be not released and instead boonex start working on d8. People was pissed because many was waiting over year to 7.1 including me and now we heading another year to d8 and another year to bughunting so we are bacicly at stage ...wait another 2 years ...and than what.,.. before d8 raise to similar stage as its d7 now andrew jump on d9 because after 2 years will be new html, new css, new explorer etc... SO I think people are mainly frustrated as d7.1 was stoopped and this happenning with every version over again ... same with 6 same with 5 .... I still have some hope with recent week bughunt blog was released that maybe andrew calmed down with d8 hype a bit and decided to fix most of old bugs now. Lets see what happen next days... if its another hype thing or if boonex really decided to fix most of remaining most important bugs..lets see

YObilab: Well actually joomla with jomsocial is basicly dolphin as it have most of features. Joomla is free and jomsocial cost around 100 usd so similar like dolphin and u can use it on unlimited sites for that price with year upgrade access..I use it on some sites which ai originally intended to use with dolphoi and its pretty stable, updates are done very quickly... one click auto update and it install within 2 minutes, also perfectly running on shared hosts. SOme missing features like videochat can be added by various components for joomla etc...
You are right!!!
But Dolphin aint Joomla

Joomla is like Google [best]
Dolphin is like Bing [better not the best]

Joomla is the best because majority of the websites run on that
Dolphin is new and its approach is slightly different.

but boonex would have thought the D1 to D7 is not as good as D8 [thats fact]

XP is a good OS, but Microsoft has ended the support for XP :)
D6 was good, not as good as D7
D7 will never be as best as D8 [I hope so]

I see, the problem is not with see more the Dolphin package on 100%
mods too :)
i have downloaded "MANY" mods and tried to install using boonex mod installer
99% never worked

if modders follow boonex code principles and do release a good mod there would have been a possible solution for the smooth upgrades now.

Maybe Boonex should have ODC in India soon, no right now!!!
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