In reply to Good bye Boonex
i agree with you razwa,
believe or not Worpress is really easy to update, very easy to intall mod, very very search engine friendsly.
Dolphin is still far away from success
Until now, i'm still thinking, WHY BOONEX NOT LEARN FROM WORDPRESS?
dolphin will be the best on next, not now, not yet,
we.. i really think coimparing dolphin to wordpress isnt very good idea. As I posted better comparsion would be to joomla with jomsocial as those two components together are very close to dolphin
Which next? I assisted at 3 nexts until now :) That's the reason for me to flee.
Actually, i still doubt with the word of 'next'.
How long?
Will it be?

But i don't want to leave, i'm just waiting, better than leave, waiting for boonex product that sound like amazing coding,
we can do another thing while waiting,
I hope something change? :)
i hope just a little bug on next release. Does boonex try their own product before it release?
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