You're just over complicating the process Andrew.

This +Ok formula is only ever going to be understood by people familiar with the Boonex Dolphin platform. The members of these sites are just going to be even more confused than they already are on a website that is riddled with poor explanations, grammar and usability/functionality.

Personally, I agree with DosDawg, you can't go wrong with a thumbs up / thumbs down - It's a universal symbol and everyone gets it.

Don't make Dolphin over complicated, see more you'll just end up pushing people away.
I agree, I think we should not try to complicate things and keep it standard across the social networking platform for e.g. let's say you go with "OK", then tommorow there will be a new debate as to why not "Okay" or "O.K.". If they can include words like "Befriend" in the dictionary, I guess they can change the "Like" definitions as well in future....These are trivial issues and we should not spend so much time on them, let's concentrate our efforts see more more on the system architecture, design, marketting etc. Right now, end-users cannot even write apps for dolphin which can be run within dolphin without any installation like PnP (plug an play) architecture..just a thought !!! Secodnly, there was a BIG thread few weeks back on market feedback and lot of developers complained but nothing has been done so far....
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