Andrew Boon
Interesting ideas all around. It may sound like something unimportant, but in the new Dolphin structure it's the single most important link/button, so we do need to get it right.

Thumbs up / Thumbs down - sounds good and easy to use, but mostly as a sign (icon in our case). Also a problem for Middle-East and partly Africa, as mentioned earlier.

How about "PLUS" and "MINUS" then? These guys come from latin and their respective characters are quite recognisable.
andrew, i think this is important, just as you think its important. one thing we can consider here is to provide a means in the admin panel, to where you have a selection of image icons, and one could apply their custom image icon, but the functionality would remain the same, but the image would be all that changes?
Fair enough. "Plus" and "Minus" is the best universal option.
I like DosDawg's idea. + - with customization option.
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