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Nathan Paton
I think they have a fairly good chance of finding their answer by searching. I think if almost everyone searched the forums before posting, they'd be satisfied. It's possible that they may need help with a problem that hasn't been on the forums before, but they can always submit a ticket.

I'm not saying this is the best way to go about things, but there are ways for starter accounts to get the help they need. I think it'd be interesting to allow starter accounts to post, but it'd also create some see more problems for advanced users (something would need to be worked out so no memberships felt cheated).

I also think you're wrong in claiming "if I can't get it running properly, then, know-one [sic] else can." It's possible someone has a solution to your problem that you haven't though of. I've had few problems with this script beyond actual bugs, and that's because I make sure my server meets the minimum requirements. It makes the difference, and you'll find the bulk of posts in the forums are about mis-configured servers.

I don't know why you think you need to actually buy a license before trying it, either. It's been said several times (and all over this site) that you can run this script with a free license (and even without one, there's no trial period). You'll find no features are disabled, and the only thing you have to endure are the advertisements at the bottom of the page.
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